Play Magazine (UK) : Disgaea 3:Absence of Justice Review

Christopher Reynolds writes "What's hindering our recommendation of Disgaea 3 to the tactical RPG virgins out there is the presence of Sega's Valkyria Chronicles – that other exclusive JRPG currently swimming the sea of unappreciation. If we hadn't experienced this elegant take on the genre, with its high production values, beautiful visuals, and accessible gameplay, then Disgaea 3 wouldn't feel quite as bloated and self-indulgent as it now does. Fans of the genre won't be disappointed, but if you're looking to pop your tactical RPG cherry then Sega's gentler touch may be the safer option."

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callahan093575d ago

The only thing I disagree with is that Valkyria Chronicles is "gentler". If you're not a hardcore strategy RPG-ophile, then I would highly recommend Disgaea 3. It'll get you addicted to the genre without punishing you for being a newbie. I'm a seasoned vet of the genre, but Valkyria Chronicles was a tough game for me. I didn't have any troubles per se, but I had to put my thinking cap on and really make some tough decisions during battle to get out of their without losing any of my men or women in the fight (who are permanently dead if you don't get a medic to them within 3 turns of their fall). Now, the game is superior to Disgaea 3 in my opinion, as a huge fan of the genre, but I think that if you're new to the concept of SRPGs, Valkyria Chronicles can be a strenuous exercise that really requires some serious strategy and planning and tough decision making.

The Disgaea series is more or less known for being filled with options. Anybody can beat one of those games because there are so many ways to go about things. With the student council in Disgaea 3 there is the option to pass bills (like the dark assembly in the original), and you can make enemies tougher in this way, you can make more powerful & expensive weapons appear in stores, etc. You can open up more difficult but optional dungeons, or you can use the item world to make your items better, or the other options to make your characters gain abilities and base stat increases that would otherwise be impossible for them to get. Those options make the game very deep for those who want to get involved in all the ins & outs of what the game has to offer, but for someone who doesn't get it all, or doesn't want all that depth, you can just play through the story levels at standard enemy strength and have no real difficulty beating the game.

That's the beauty of Disgaea: it caters to noobs and experts of the genre simultaneously. Valkyria Chronicles won't be very easy for genre noobs to succeed at, I don't think.

thor3575d ago

I disagree - for the simple reason that Valkyria Chronicles isn't really in the SRPG genre. It's in the turn-based shooter genre, same as Worms, and especially Hogs of War, which it is incredibly similar to.

That's why it's easier for non-SRPG fans to get into; and is perhaps why you found it harder to get into, because you are a "seasoned vet of the genre" as you put it.

callahan093575d ago

I guess what I was trying to say is that I honestly felt challenged in terms of strategy by playing Valkyria Chronicles. Each mission was so unique from all the others that I had to think of all new strategies and maneuvers, making tough choices to get the mission done with no casualties. I never had that problem with the Disgaea series. Never felt like I had to have all my mental faculties devoted to the mission in Disgaea 1, 2 or 3. Now, VC isn't the hardest strategy RPG for me, either. Jeanne D'arc was very challenging. Some of those missions took me numerous attempts before I completed them in that game. Either way, I recommend Disgaea 3 for newbies to the genre. It's a great introduction, it gets you into it from the perspective of simplicity and complexity, depending on how deeply you wish to delve into its choices that it offers. Also, it's much cheaper than Valkyria Chronicles. It can easily be found for half the price of VC. BUT! VC has the better presentation, better graphics & sound, amazing acting, and one of the best stories I've ever seen in an SRPG.

TheColbertinator3575d ago

I think Valkyria Chronicles is a much easier game than Disgaea 3.Its more for the gamer who plays RPG or SRPG games casually