Newsweek interviews Sony's Phil Harrison . He reveals Resistance sequel plans

Newsweek's game journalist N'Gao Croal interviews Sony's Phil Harrison and they discuss the Las Vegas D.I.C.E summit, the Xbox 360 multiple SKUs, and the Gears of War vs Resistance Fall of Man debate.

"We're going to release additional content for Resistance. I don't think we've gone into detail on the schedule, but we have some really, really cool things that will be extending the story, extending the locations, some brand new content, starting in April. So if that works well and is well-received by the audience, then that will keep the engagement with game going between now and should there be a sequel at some point in the future."

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Antan4342d ago

An exellent read! didn`t really duck any questions either. I guess some info about things will be revealed at GDC in march.

MikeGdaGod4341d ago

at least he didn't say anything that makes my stomach hurt

richie007bond4341d ago

Moments after we finished interviewing phill harrision he began to behave strangely at to which point he stripped off his clothes and through himself out of the 10th storey window.

smokeandapancake4341d ago

Yawn...let's get to the real questions. The shaved head, balding or bold move?

happygamer4341d ago

but the whole fps thing is boring halo gears fall of man call of duty all that is just to old for me been playing it forever now need a great great awesome fps game.

like everything able blow up everything interactive be so great. imagine this a large air plain comes over you duck so they cant see you, you get out gernade launcher blow it up and all the pieces are falling everywheres. the windows are breaking metal piece comes down and hits guy on the head and kills him. wow it would be so awesome.

i know that environmets are interactive on games these days but i mean fully interactive just come up with some new tech stuff and boom you have best fps ever. wish it could be.