Want Some Killzone 2 First Impressions?

Here's the deal: Sony's Killzone 2 could be the best thing to happen to the PlayStation 3...or the blandest. It's literally impossible to say at this point. I've only just today started working over my review copy, and we're gagged in the U.S. from fully evaluating the game until next Tuesday (memo to Sony, since international reviews dropped yesterday -- unless you live in China, the Internet makes "regional embargo" obsolete).

That said, the game is filthy gorgeous, but as far as the run-and-gunnery goes, it hasn't yet grabbed my head and spun it 360 degrees round my shoulders.

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Spike473574d ago

Either way Feb. 27 here I come.

KillzoneKid3574d ago

what do you expect MS to say about PS3 games

obviously MS is very scared and they should be since KZ2 is better than all FPS on x360

Huh3574d ago

wait killzone 2 is only on playstation 3 why is pcworld evaluating killzone 2 did the official playstation magazine review crysis

SRU96003574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

It's a worldwide conspiracy, haven't you heard?

I suggest you visit for the latest updates on the conspiracy, or if you just wish to detach from reality for a while.

Unicron3573d ago

I guess it's a "conspiracy" that MS gave out $800 swag bags just as Halo 3 was being reviewed, eh?

It doesn't have to be a "conspiracy" to be just good ole bias.

This article, however, just seems to be an opinion, which everyone is entitled to. I do find it strange to be coming from a PC mag, however...

SRU96003573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

I also heard that Microsoft sneaks into people's bedrooms at night and sprinkles magic dust on them that makes them hate the PS3.

I've heard rumors that this same dust is being added to our nation's water supply, but I'm still waiting for my other source to confirm this.

Stay tuned...

Unicron3573d ago

The media isn't biased against ONLY the PS3, but humans are inherently biased. Every reviewer and writer decides what to write and how to write it based on their own experiences and point of views.

It's also a FACT that websites such as these are made to GET HITS, generate revenue from advertising, and MAKE PROFIT. They are a business. To deny that is foolhardy.

But hey, if you want to go la la la while MS did indeed give out Halo 3 swag bags, by all means, continue. You're the one looking foolish.

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Fishy Fingers3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Basically trying to pimp his review. I ain't biting.

Edit: Yeah I bite, probably check his tweeter feed too ;) Ahh well.

Kleptic3574d ago

here's the deal:

Killzone 2 is suffering from a known issue with the media...lets call it the 'media's own sense of entitlement'...

this article fully re-enforces that...the way Sony marketed this game early on, and the PS3, with target renders and hyping the hardware...they inadvertantly made big PS3 games get scrutinized far beyond what other titles on other systems do...

Killzone 2 is the pinnacle of that...a lot of reviewers/previewers point at the same thing...its always 'well it does look great, but what about the gameplay'...same shat from everyone, just a different pile...because the media expected killzone 2 to rearrange the genre, people are criticizing it for taking old ideas...and executing them perfectly...with about 300 subtle details to the gameplay being pretty isnignifant on their own...adding up to a far greater whole...most of the media simply doesn't understand that...which is pretty surprising to me...

take everything GG has said since the official showing of the game in 2007...its always been 'we want to create a far more immersive shooter than anything before...which involves ridiculous graphics first...but then tack on the physics and way things react to your gun fire...nothing else has come close to that...take on the major tweaks to competitive multiplayer...standard things like dynamic objectives sounds relatively simple on paper...but why has it not been done before?...killzone 2 does it perfectly...yet it rarely even gets mentioned...

i'm not complaining about killzone 2's reviews so most have been pretty realistic about the game...and went into it knowing that it nothing is perfect...but there are still countless sources that try to point out 'lack of originality' which is completely ungrounded...its incredible that in a genre this crowded; killzone 2 carves out entirely its own feel...regardless of visuals, no other shooter 'feels' like killzone 2...that in itself is remarkable...

but whatever...many will whine that it didn't completely change the genre enough...and because of that...its bland...when that was never promised to begin with...its just what the media expected based on their own assumptions...seriously...wher e is the 'ground breaking level design' in Call of Duty 4?...nearly unanimously regarded as the best shooter of this generation so far...its not there of course...but that is ok, because the media wasn't expecting that...

redsquad3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Wow, well said. As far as I can see, KZ2 has delivered on everything it promised, ergo it's a success. No good griping about what it "isn't" when it never had any pretentions to be anything other than a beautiful, immersive FPS.

Can't really add anything of merit... *shuffles feet* ...move along, nothing to see!

Chris3993574d ago

The 4TH game in the franchise. Hardly original, just refined. (And personally I didn't find it to be anything mind-blowing, just more of the same.)

Nothing is original anymore, but what KZ2 does is take a familiar formula and make it cinematic and just plain spectacular.

It's deserves 10s for doing what every other game in it's genre does, only bigger, bolder and obviously prettier.

The media hates to eat crow. There's a lot of "begrudged" scores being handed out.

"It was most beautiful and immersible game that I have ever played...but it has no co-op." -1 point.

People seriously need to check their egos at the door in this industry; especially considering that most of them aren't even qualified journalists - just internet loudmouths with blogs.

ZackFair3574d ago

No thank you, we've already received a dozen of 9/10+ reviews.

We don't need a second-rate Xbot preview.

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