New old puzzle games for PS3

Two years into the lifespan of the PlayStation 3, Sony's online offerings are a mixed bag.

On the plus side, LittleBigPlanet and its energetic community of amateur level designers make it essential for PS3 owners to have an internet connection.

On the minus side, there's PlayStation Home, the drab, under populated virtual world that's drawn almost universal derision since its beta launch in November.

And then there's the PlayStation Network, whose library of software, game add-ons and movies has grown at a healthy clip over the last year.

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chaosatom3546d ago

Luminous or Cubiod?

Which is a better buy.

Ahmay3546d ago

Cuboid suits me more... just go watch videos on youtube and decide which one suits you.

doctorstrange3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

personally - lumines

metacritically - cuboid wining at 80% to lumines 79%.

rob a bank and get both

if you like this - http://www.albinoblacksheep...
you will like cuboid

thebudgetgamer3546d ago

bs everytime i log into home its packed with people


doctorstrange3546d ago

and after a rocky start you cant argue that the futures bright

Cajun Chicken3546d ago

Aww, there I was thinking this title meant they were making a new Devil Dice/XI/Bombastic sequel on PSN with possible online play... :(

snaz273546d ago

As a couple of people have already said home is packed full of people daily! Yeah ok i think when it first came out people were exspecting some massive world to ramble about in with an emormous about of free games and things to do. This didnt happen but what we have got is a great place to meet other like minded gamers. You will always have the odd few that wanna spoil it but like any annoyance ignore it and it goes away lol. Ive met some great people all over the world that i would never have met otherwise! This has to be a good thing surely? and there is stuff to do and much more stuff coming over time. I think in a year it will be a totally different places as it evolves, and when more and more companies dont wanna be left out of this great innovation! and btw i saw an article the other day trying to compare it to xboxs avatars! I almost wet myself. Now xbox is ok but i just dont think its ever gonna break any great boundries as im sure tha ps3 will and well already has! all in all i just think people need to give support and time to these new ideas without jumping on em like a pack of dogs!