Microsoft Windows 7 RC1 Is Next - No Beta 2

Microsoft has indicated in their blog that the next release of Windows 7 will not be a Beta 2 but a release candidate, indicating that they're pretty close and they want people to start testing the release, especially because all the features are done. All the folks running the Beta are actively contributing to fixing it. Theyre getting performance telemetry, application compatibility data, usage information, and details on device requirements among other areas. This data is very structured and very actionable. They have very high-bandwidth relationships with partners and good tools to help each other to deliver a great experience. One thing you might be seeing is that hardware and software vendors might be trying out updated drivers / software enhanced for Windows 7 - at least that is what they hope for.

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Crueltylizer3550d ago

That was quick. But W7 beta 1 does already seem pretty stable and fast so i don't see any problem with an RC1.

Huh3550d ago

wait what happened to windows vista

M337ING3550d ago

I've never seen MS work this fast before.

Who knows, maybe their fortunes will turn around with Windows 7...

Lord Anubis3549d ago

they are not working fast at all. They are using the vista kernel and building the user experience interface on top of it. They work was cut out with vista now they are refining it and selling it on a different package. That's MS for you.

SuperSaiyan43550d ago

I have Windows Vista 64bit Home Premium everyone with Vista should get a free upgrade!

Also is Windows 7 a 64bit operating system?

likeaboss3023549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

It comes in both 32bit and 64bit. However, they will be pushing 64bit this time because 4GB+ of RAM is starting to become the norm on new systems.

Windows 7 Beta seems solid so RC1 and RC2 will hit quick unless there is a major show stopper. It's just Vista the way it should have been.

Simon_Brezhnev3549d ago

i agree but only way u get a fcking free update if u get vista afta june/july 09 not sure which month

LinuxGuru3549d ago

They better not release this as another 300 dollar OS. People are gonna be like WTF MICROSOFT.

ecstaticpunk3549d ago

I swear I read somewhere that any PC or laptop sold after March this year will get a free update to Windows 7. Either way that will leave the other millions of Vista users fuming!

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