Top Oblivion DLC on Xbox Live Listed, Horse Armor Not Least Popular

As released by the Bethesda Blog, a list of the top Oblivion DLC has come out. According to the blog post, "To this day, 2 years later. Looking at our Xbox Live reports, every day, tens of thousands of people STILL play Oblivion and they purchase thousands and thousands of downloadable content - again, every day. Yes, even Horse Armor continues to sell daily."

Not shocking that many people still play Oblivion. Shocking that Horse Armor still sells daily - as it's ranked number 9 on the list. I would of thought the Shivering Isles expansion would have been at the top of the list, instead it ranks only one higher than the Horse Armor.

Here is the complete list:

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SpiderCircle3548d ago

The fact I can't get over is that people are A) buying Horse Armor B) buying it daily.

v1c1ous3548d ago

It was the beginning of dlc being sold, lots of people were experiencing the alluring nature of after retail content by companies, so they were quick to buy it up in their enthusiasm.

i should know cause i was one of those people. it was my first time buying an add-on, period. much less a console. in a way it was a revolution for those who hadn't experienced such things on PC.

if wasn't until more dlc came out and i compared content to pricing that i felt a bit ripped off.

and the internet also made it known. it was a HUGE deal when it came out.

what's odd is that to this day its still a popular item to buy even with all the bad press. maybe its a testament to why xbox live is such a popular venue for companies.

i mean look at namco. I bought ace combat 6 full price, and i swear only 1/3 of the content was unlocked, and the rest had to be bought.

meatnormous3548d ago

I am one of the people playing Oblivion to this day cause I just bought the GOTY edition for 29.99. I really doubt i go for that horse armour though. I just wonder why all the DLC wasn't included on the second disk. I have oblivion on the ps3 also but this was my cance to do an actual graphics comparrison in my home. They play identical, the ps3 version has alot less pop in and better draw distace. I also have Ace Combat 6 and have yet to play online cause I guess no one plays this game online.

rhood0223548d ago

I agree. I too purchased the armor out of curiosity of DLC.

But I have to add something to this comment: "what's odd is that to this day its still a popular item to buy even with all the bad press. maybe its a testament to why xbox live is such a popular venue for companies."

It's more a testament to the rubes on the planet and the ability of companies to bilk those people out of their money. So as long as things like Horse Armor continue to sell the way it does, you'll continue to see companies nickel and dime it's consumers via DLC.


this smells bad !

please, this is nothing but sales and marketing crap !

come on, we are all gamers, those of us that have an xbox, how many of your friends do you still see playing Oblivion .... and of the people you see still playing it, ask them if they have downloaded the armor....

10's of thousands still playing it and downloading it... please !

meatnormous3548d ago

I still play it only cause I bought the GOTY edition for the 360. 29.99 isn't a bad price when SI is that price alone.

GiantEnemyCrab3548d ago

I have 2 on my friends list who play it all the time still. I know for a fact one of them have never bought any DLC.

Kushan3548d ago

On the top 10, Horse armour comes in at 9. 10th is Fighter’s Stronghold. Fighter’s Stronghold was involved in several promotions giving it away for FREE and those were NOT counted since this is about sales. If they were counted, it would actually be the most popular content of them all, pushing Horse Armour into last place:

1. Wizard’s Tower

2. Thieves Den

3. Mehrunes Razor

4. Spell Tomes

5. Vile Lair

6. The Orrery

7. Knights of the Nine

8. Shivering Isles

9. Horse Armor

10. Fighter’s Stronghold*

*If we rank by pure downloads and include the free promotions we’ve had, Fighter’s Stronghold becomes #1.

Vip3r3548d ago

Bring it to the PS3 please.