Gays (aren't) in games

Homosexual characters might be making inroads in other media, but they remain rare--and thoroughly stereotyped--in the world of video games, writes the Globe and Mail.

"I recently found myself finishing up the last few missions in Grand Theft Auto IV and the character of Bernie--gay liaison to Liberty City's deputy mayor--got me thinking about homosexual personalities in games.

For those who haven't played Rockstar's latest interactive crime saga, Bernie pops up late in the game. We're told he served alongside the game's hero, Niko Bellic, during the Bosnian War. When the conflict ended he moved to America to get a fresh start and let loose his flamboyant side.

Personally, I was a little offended by Rockstar's depiction of his homosexuality. He is ostentatious, cowardly, and obsessed with his appearance. What's more, his apartment is covered in paintings of muscle-bound men wearing nothing but bulging codpieces. He's perhaps the most prominent gay character ever to appear in a blockbuster game, and these stereotypes could set an unfortunate precedent."

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SeanScythe3641d ago

Seriously why is this getting approved?

Crueltylizer3641d ago

Because its quiet relevant for some. And its a well written article.

lokiroo4203641d ago

How is it relevant, where was it said that all the characters in gaming are hetero? By the way this character is gay, now back to the story. Is this guy crying because 1 gay character was portrayed as flamboyant? Like there is a shortage of overly stereotypical gay men in the world. He is just trying to make a nonissue a big deal.

ChickeyCantor3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

Loki, have you even read it?

" rare--and thoroughly stereotyped "

Have you played GTA? noticed how they "present" a gay character?

I have a feeling you are a bit of a homophobe? and don't want these articles to be on n4g? how cute.

lokiroo4203641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

The character from gta was for comic relief, understand, a man who has not been exposed to someone like that, did you notice the tension during the game? Like the stereotype presented wasnt accurate of some of the gay population. Like the jokes in the game are taboo and not said and spread every single day. Just like white people dancing and african americans liking fried chicken. Gays are not above jokes and criticism. yeah gay people are so scary. typical sensitive bs response from someone who must not be comfortable with themselves and others choices.

SeanScythe3641d ago

Sounds like sidar like riding the Hershey Highway. I can't believe you threw out the homophobe card. Wht is it that when someone has anything negetive to say about a race, sexuality, or anything someone throws out the race/homophobe card? It just shows you have no real comment so you scream homophobe/racist. I just see it as someone who is losing a battle of words so they cheat.

ChickeyCantor3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

Lol i was just kidding.
Looks like someone is actually more sensitive on this battle field.

So...takes one to know one?...or something?

Again i was only KIDDING.

If you read the article, it's that what he is talking about.
There are rarely any of them in games, and when they are they are put up like this. Comical relief or not.

" Gays are not above jokes and criticism" I never said they were, but you said this article is irrelevant, to you it is to others it isn't.

So here is the thing, As gays are not above jokes and criticism, your opinion isn't above someone elses opinion.

So saying its irrelevant is pointless too.

" typical sensitive bs response from someone who must not be comfortable with themselves and others choices"

Lol, the irony.

UnwanteDreamz3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

Wow did you see latin people complaining about Mannys retarded as*?

What about Jamaicans complaining about lil Jacob and his constant weed smoking?

The game plays into stereotypes that is part of the humor or maybe they think all young black guys are in gangs and maybe they think all italians are in the mob.

Edit: On another note at least they are being represented in some way. There are whole cultures that are misrepresented in games and whole groups of people who are just ignored.

ChickeyCantor3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

F*ck yeah Super mario is part of a mob organization.

UnwanteDreamz3641d ago

No but making them plumbers is like taking a mexican character and making them landscapers.

ChickeyCantor3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

So it was all make believe =(?

We all make stereo types, it's in our nature.
But if you think about it, gays are hardly in games, and if they are they are put up like this.

The chance of a gay being in a game again is 1 out a gazilllion

Btw awesome avatar.

UnwanteDreamz3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

I have to agree with you there.

I miss the LOK/SoulReaver series soo much. I wish they could have joined us in on the nexgen systems.

I would have gotten excited too. In fact now you got me wondering why there is not a movie. I havent enjoyed a story like I did that one in a long while. Top notch voice acting as well...

ChickeyCantor3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

When i saw the trailer of hellboy 2( the scene with the evil dude at the room of his fathers throne) i was excited cause i thought they made a movie about it( seriously i thought it was SR/LoK)....and then it said HELLBOY2 and i was feeling bad.

This is what i mean
( i couldnt link the picture, but its the one on the right where he walks between those standing men)

and this.

Bubble Buddy3641d ago

For a second I thought it said "Guys" o_0.

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Parapraxis3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

It is rare, Persona 4 is the only game I can think of that actually addresses concepts of sexuality in a respectful & intelligent manner.

theusedfake3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

Enchanted Arms Makoto was terribly stereotypical.

wasn't meant as a reply sorry

incogneato3641d ago

gays are obnoxious and ridiculous and want to force everyone to like them. but guess what, we dont have to and theres nothing wrong with people who dont. get over it. stop forcing people to accept your lifestyle or even respect it. grow up and get a life.

i dont know how many of these damn articles gaymers are going to make but its getting annoying as hell.

ravinash3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

Most games don't even touch on sexuality as sex really isn't in the subject matter.
That being the case, why would there be a need to high light Homosexuality in games....Its rare to see heterosexuality.

I've got nothing against it. but if it appears in a game it need to be part of the story matter.
The only game I can think of that I've played that did this was Mass effect. And required the actions of the play to get to that point as well as it being tastefully done.

BLuKhaos3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

Gay people need to stop their b!tching.What relevance does a person's sexual preference have with video games?Will shoving a controller up your a$$(or sucking on a piece of carpet) help you play better?You people aren't special so stop demanding special treatment.You people want gays in games go play Gear Of War 1&2,those two games are full of gays.Come to think of it MSG4 has some gayness in it too("Solid Snake" rocking that tight a$$ sneaking suit and squeezing other dudes nuts).

HolyOrangeCows3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

I find your post very ignorant and....

JK. I agree. No can force you to like ANYTHING. That's life.

And overall, I'm glad games avoid sexual preferences in games. About 1/100000 cases would NOT be a negative outlook or a ''Accept us! Love us!'' thing. It should just be avoided. If they want to include it in a bio that a character is gay, fine. It wouldn't change how I play around the character or anything.

BUT when, upon shooting heads off, am I gonna find out who is a homosexual or straight???

Tony P3641d ago

I really don't care who's gay in my games. As long as the story appeals and the gameplay is absolutely great, I could care less. If that manages to break some boundaries, more power to the devs.

Rock Bottom3641d ago

Master Chief wasn't stereotyped.

Also, last time I checked, there wasn't a Black, Asian(in a none Asian game), Arab, Indian, scientist, Military General, etc... that isn't stereotyped, yep more than 90% of games are that shallow, it's not just about gays.

Just take a look at fighting games, their whole concept of a character is based around stereotypical characters, the Mexican wrestler, the sexy girl with cleavage, the American solder... and the list goes on.

SupaPlaya3641d ago

Doesn't matter your color, sexuality, gender...

Your action defines you.

And when you start to hate/dislike other people based on something like their sexual preference, you just become worse than the people you are hating.

pippoppow3641d ago

In the U.S. most movies and games don't represent the diversity that is The U.S.A. They feel that throwing in a black person or two makes up for this blatant oversight. Seems like the rare instance when a lead character isn't caucasian they are black. How a bout all the other ethnic groups out there. If they incorporate a different ethnic group here and there it would give a different feel, vibe and maybe a unique perspective which could add alot overall to a plot or theme.

pixelsword3641d ago

...and so was that blonde dude that he slept with that committed suicide when his wife found out or something like that.

Vamp was far from stereotypical.

PooEgg3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

incogneato - what's up with your icon, is it just me or is it a guy wearing makeup?

Mini Mario3640d ago

Another great article for us to read. Surely there are better things to talk about then this -

"Personally, I was a little offended by Rockstar's depiction of his homosexuality. He is ostentatious, cowardly, and obsessed with his appearance. What's more, his apartment is covered in paintings of muscle-bound men wearing nothing but bulging codpieces"

I mean really.

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Crueltylizer3641d ago

The guy in Enchanted arms was really over exaggerated.

meepmoopmeep3641d ago

haha, yeah he was.

most video games have stereotypical characters though.

Spike473641d ago

Nothing disrespectful about it, just chill.

InMyOpinion3641d ago

How does being gay affect your personality?

UnwanteDreamz3641d ago

Wow Jenzo no reading comprehension? He said gays have many diff types of personalities.

Huh3641d ago

america has elected the first black president it is time for videogames to have the first gay hero

TheTwelve3641d ago

Being black and enjoying homosexual sex don't go together. Please.


techie3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

Being gay isn't about having sex. You fall in love with women, they fall in love with men.

And Twelve. Type in "Gay black sex" into the net - I bet you'll find a lot of porn. I expect a lot of them are like you - in fact I expect at least one of your friends is gay. Suck on that.

TheTwelve3641d ago

You can fall in love with all kinds of things, Deep. But it's how/if you have sex with that object that defines what you are.


Halochampian3641d ago

I dont know what you meant by the first comment but you make it sound as if there are no gay blacks. If that is what you are saying, you are terribly wrong. I know more gay blacks personally than any other race.

On your second comment. Sexuality is having a sexual attraction to a sex. Just because you have sex with someone doesnt mean you were attracted to them. That means, just because a guy has sex with another guy, does not necessarily make him a homosexual.

devilhunterx3641d ago

I pronounce you MAN and LAMP. Now you may light the bridge

techie3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

WHAT?! Boys know they are gay years before they have sex - there are lots of gay men who don't have sex.

Having sex doesnt define who you are attracted to or who you fall in love with.

Imagine what you feel towards a girl, and you really like her - then imagine that is what it's like for a gay man when he thinks about a man he likes. That's it. It's completely natural - and there doesn't need to be talk about any sex to know they are gay. They are fully developed people who have personalities and features irrelevant of who they have sex with.

Plus, you can be gay and have sex with women and visa versa. You can have a gay character without talking about any sex or even about them being with men. The thing is, there's a hell of a lot of gay men who are just like you, they act like you, they think like you, they just happen to like men.

edit: What Halochampian said.

InMyOpinion3641d ago

I can't believe people are disagreeing with you and agreeing with TheTwelve. The ignorance is astounding.

Go for it TheTwelve. Why not have separate restrooms for gay people? Move them to the back of the bus while you're at it...

Halochampian3641d ago

exactly Deep. I agree 100%.

UnwanteDreamz3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

"Being black and enjoying homosexual sex don't go together. Please."

Unless you locked up, then its ok right?

EDIT: Jenzo your above comment was pure ownage and I hate to have to say it.

@ 12

I understand you being sensitive about these comparisons but last time I checked slavery was illegal. You took their posts just as wrong as others took yours. If you think gays are not a minority then you need to brush up on what minority means.

My point is the poster above was only making the statement that if we have progressed far enough to have a black Prez then why not a strong gay hero.

TheTwelve3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

Sorry, but were gays ever enslaved?

And I love my father---does that make me a homosexual?

I love my best friend---does that make me a homsexual?

Heck, I love Patrick Ewing, my favorite basketball player. Does that make me a homosexual?

Nope. Sex has to happen in order for that label to be given.

Hence, being BORN as a black man does not = being BORN as a homosexual.

Wow, what a confusion of the issue.


P.S. Unwanted dreams, you miss my point. My point is "how-you-have-sex" does not make you a minority.

Halochampian3641d ago

just to let you know. I dont know what you were getting out of the show "enslaved" thing, but every race has been enslaved at some point in time.

Love doesnt mean sexual attraction. And sex doesnt mean you have a sexual attraction to that thing. In order to have a sexuality, you must have a sexual attraction to that sex.

TheTwelve3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

Heck, let's go even further. What does it take for me to be labeled a WHOREMONGER?

It means I have to have sex with lots of whores. Sex has to happen.

Based on your logic, even if I think about having sex with whores, I'm a whoremonger.

Sorry, but that makes no sense. In order for someone truly to be a homosexual, they actually have to do it one day. You are not "born" as a sexual act. You may have thoughts about doing something, but that does not mean you ARE that until you DO it.

Common sense.


Edit---Halo, homosexuality is NOT a race! That's my point!

techie3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

So 12 before you had sex with a woman you were potentially gay. So you were MAYBE GAY until you were what, 16?

So how do you know who you're going to have sex with, if you don't know whether you're gay or not until you've had sex. Being gay is IN YOU.

You liked girls when you had your first wet dream, you were fantasizing about girls. That girl you saw at school and she gave you butterflies in your tummy - a gay guy gets that when he see a guy. It's in you. Everything you've ever thought about a girl, it's like that with a gay guy with men. It's EXACTLY THE SAME. You were born straight, they were born gay.

And gays have been imprisoned, they've been murdered, they've had it be illegal for them to be with the people they love. So yes, homosexuals are some of the most persecuted in the world - in all racial societies.

Sevir043641d ago

12 you really need to research sexuality before you try to make assertions.

TheTwelve3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

Deep, if you look into the psychology of people, we are complex. We are much more complex than any kind of label. All kinds of thoughts go through our mind...some thoughts we are ashamed of.

Just because we have certain thoughts doesn't mean we are that.

Surely, you have at times thought about things that do not define you.

You have to engage in the act to be something.

You want to be a doctor? You gotta perform a surgery.

You want to be a basketball player? You gotta dribble the ball.

You want to be a porn star? You gotta spread your legs for strangers.

You want to be a whoremonger? You gotta bang whores.

You want to be a homosexual? You have to actually do it.

Thinking about doing any of the above does not make you that.

Homosexuality is not some genre all to itself when it comes to common sense.

However, you are indeed born black or white, whether you like it or not.


P.S. And are the master of sexuality? Oh ok. I think my opinion is just as good as yours.

UnwanteDreamz3641d ago

In all fairness alot of gay people would disagree with you on the whole gotta have intercorse to be gay or the not born gay. I say how can you understand it and comment on what it is when you are not one of them.

I thought people came out as gay all the time without ever actually having done the act.

SupaPlaya3641d ago

They are stupid.

When I read TheTwelve's comment, I don't think that he is saying there are no gays in black. I think he just doesn't appreciate that fact that they are used in the same sentence. When I read that comment I also question why the color black and being gay were used in the same sentence. It's questionable, that's all I'm saying.

TheTwelve3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

And oh yes, gays have endured persecution. Heck, every social demographic has in some way. But please don't compare homosexual population and their past to the laws in the land which said that black people were less than human and part of country-wide slavery. Gays were always allowed to vote. They were never born into bondage, and died in chains. No comparison. And it never will be, since how you act can always be done in secret and can be stopped at any time.

You can't change being black, hide it, or stop being it. Because it is what you are, born that way, not how you act.


P.S. I'm not saying it's impossible to be gay and black---of course that's possible! But they are not hand in hand and not part of the same social cause.

And I'm sure plenty of homosexuals disagree with me, but then they'd have to explain why they are the massive exception to a rule of common sense.

Halochampian3641d ago

Just stop. You obviously dont know what you are talking about. Let's just say Bob is a virgin, never had sex with anyone. But Bob does have sexual fantasies about a female. He has a sexual attraction towards a girl at his school. Bob has no sexual attraction to any boy.

Bob is considered a heterosexual. He has never had sex but is a heterosexual.

TheTwelve3641d ago

Ah, Halo....thank you. But Bob IS A VIRGIN until he has sex.

That condition of what he is, no matter what he thinks, cannot change until he actually DOES something.

He can have heterosexual and/or homosexual thoughts. But really they are only thoughts.

It was when he performs the act that he is no longer a virgin and then is either hetero or homosexual.

Why is this hard to figure out?


Halochampian3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )


do some research on the topic of sexuality. It is all about "ATTRACTION."

You can be attracted to something without doing. If Bob watching girls stripping or porn, it is because he because he is attracted to it. If he cant stand to watch gay porn, then he obviously isn't attracted to it.



Actually man.

UnwanteDreamz3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

NO what is stupid is you trying to dictate another persons words when you know damn well they were not meant as a digg. Homosexuals not in chains being killed? You know very little about this world. Being a homosexual is a punishable offence in some countries and that punishment is death!

Read some f*cking history 12. There where whole campaings by the United states government in the 50's with movies and the like showed to kids in school about how gays were perverts and mentaly diseased who spread HIV all on their own. Gays were lynched and murdered and HATE crimes are stlii perpetrated against them. For someone who is sensitve to the horrors his own have felt you have very little regard for other peoples struggles.

I guess its ok as long as they don't compare themselves to slaves?


I'm content with an agreement to disagree. No hard feelings.

TheTwelve3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

"Do some research on sexuality"

Dude...what research? Research that agrees with what you're saying? Can't I pull out my own research that proves what I want?

I don't need you to tell me to look at a webpage. I can do the same for you.

I'm waiting for you to prove me wrong with common sense. I've provided plenty of examples but common sense showed that the emotions and attractions in your mind towards something do not define you.

Don't you know that so many people have thoughts and desires that they are always holding back, things that are not currently accepted in this society. And they die never doing it, never being labeled as whatever they are thinking about.

Why is it that a woman can call another woman attractive, and still be called heterosexual?

Why is it that there are people "you would go gay for", and yet they are not gay?

Seriously, do you know what you're saying?


Dreamz---I'm not talking about the WORLD. I'm talking about AMERICA. Heck, you can be killed for anything in the right place of the world. Pick a condition, pick a part of the world and you can be killed for it. And again, every social demographic has had hate crimes. Every single one of them. But very few have gone through what slavery is all about. And certainly not those who call themselves homosexuals. Sorry, but no.

I'm running out of bubbles! Looks like you guys will have the last word!

techie3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

You need to read up on the persecution of homosexuals then - and the continuing persecution. It's not a competition, but dont undermine it just to make you feel better.

And that's the most ridiculous statement EVER..."What you think and feel doesn't define you, what you do does."

Yes, the mind is complex - but if you know you're gay, you KNOW. You might be confused, you might be bi, you might be curious or unsure. But you don't magically become gay when you have sex with a man. They are 30 year old virgin gay men. What about kissing a man, what about falling in love with a man - why is the act of sex the moment that MAKES YOU GAY!?

And I understand about you trying to detach Obama and being black in America from being homosexual in America. But it would be a very epic moment if there was a gay president. But that's never going to happen.

Halochampian3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

I give up with you 12. There is a gay that agrees with us on the last comment. I have giving you prime examples with what the definition of sexuality is.

People can say that others are attractive but that isnt a sexual attraction. I just dont think you have an open mind in order to comprehend what is being said.

also.. so we are talking about AMERICA?! ok. Well... there is no
slavery anymore. Gays are hated more in this country than blacks. Just look at all the negative responses towards them

*edit 2*
This whole thing started because you think a person must have sex in order to be a certain sexuality, which is completely wrong. You have been jumping all over the place making a big deal about race. I never brought race into this.

*edit 3*

well according to you logic 12, there has never been a homosexual president because every president had a wife, and most likely would have had sex with them. There would be no way for him to be considered "gay" then. That is going by your logic.

*edit 4*

Mine are based off common sense. You on the other hand think that sexuality must be linked with the verb which it isn't. That is a fact. I have given you examples and proof. A homosexual agrees with me. You on the other hand ask questions and believe that counts as proof.

* I have heard of bi-sexuality. I am friends with many bisexuals. They also dont consider themselves to be "gay"

*edit too many*

The media doesnt tell me anyway to think. If you actually knew me, you would know that I never go by media. I am think-for-myself guy and I am telling you from personal experience, that you are WRONG.

*edit last one*

agreed. I have always enjoyed a good debate.

TheTwelve3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

Black people have come a long ways...nobody deserves to be persecuted in anyway. It makes no logical sense to put them all in the same battle, by the same rules.

All people deserve to be treated with respect---but let's not blur the issue if we are going to fight the disrespect. By doing so, you are showing disrespect and clumsiness in handling the issue.

The gay issue in this thread is not going to be solved by declaring them a race. That's just inaccurate.

And having an "open mind" isn't necessarily agreeing with you, exactly. I have said no hateful things here. Just because I disagree with how you define an issue doesn't mean I am not open. I would invite you to think about issues on your own besides accepting just what the media tells you. Then you will REALLY be able to solve the issue.


Deep---If YOU did the kind of research that you accuse me of not doing, you would know that there was possibly already a gay president. Sheesh.

Halo---I've proven to you that I am completely right. You can say I'm completely wrong but that doesn't make it so. Your arguments are not based on common sense, example, or comparison.

----LOL, Halo, you think there is no such thing as gay people who are married to women? You ever hear of the concept of bi-sexuality? Sure you have.

---Yes, and I'm asking YOU to use your flawed logic and apply it to ANYTHING ELSE on the planet, and it fails. I don't care what popular media and culture says. Think for yourself.

---Good for your bisexual friends. I know of bisexuals who call themselves gay, no prob. Because that's what they are. Just because they might have sex with the opposite sex as well doesn't delete the fact that they did it with the same sex.

---Then we will agree to disagree. But you have been a very worthy opponent in debate and I thank you for keeping it civil.

pixelsword3641d ago can think about murdering someone all you want; until you actually murder someone, you're not a murder... unless you live in the "big brother" world of 1984 where thoughtcrimes are law.

TapiocaMilkTea3641d ago

I think some people are disagreeing with you because from your first comment, you make it sound like being gay is ALL about gay sex.

Lets just say, being gay isn't just about the sex part, there are emotions involved in loving someone of the same sex. Lets leave it at that.

I don't think what you have sex with defines your sexuality. It's what you REALLY WANT to have sex with that defines your sexuality, you don't necessarily have to have done it. If you want to have sex with both, then you're bisexual, no need to choose. You can certainly be lampsexual too.

PooEgg3641d ago

I find it amazing how close minded some people are. I also find it interesting how the same people who would be out marching in the streets if someone was to attack their race (or religion) have no problem attacking gays. Homophobia is just as bad as racism. It's called human rights people, judging people based on who they are romantically attracted to is just as bad as judging them on the color of their skin. Wake up, and get over your silly judgmental selves.

pixelsword3641d ago

where do you see someone attacking gays in the line of posts you chose to reply to?

I missed it if there was someone doing that.

sunsh63641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

being gay is a disease. theres something missing in their brain... in the future there wont be any gay left because we will have a cure to gayness

PooEgg3640d ago


Let's see I started being sickened at: gays are obnoxious and ridiculous and want to force everyone to like them.

Was totally amazed at this lovely comment: Gay people need to stop their b!tching.What relevance does a person's sexual preference have with video games?Will shoving a controller up your a$$(or sucking on a piece of carpet) help you play better?

I stopped reading at: Being black and enjoying homosexual sex don't go together. Please.

I left my comment at that point... So yeah, I probably missed a lot, but I stand by my point. I do not understand why some people think it is perfectly fine to bash gays, the world just accepts it, but god forbid anyone makes a comment on someones race or religion. That was the point I was trying to make here. I just wish our world could find tolerance, and people could treat people with the same respect they want for themselves.

InMyOpinion3640d ago

I love how some of you talk like being gay is something you choose to be.

@12 - You were born black. Some are born white. Some are born heterosexual. Some are born gay and bi-sexual. Get it?

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