What's "Success" For Killzone 2?

Make no mistake, Killzone 2 is the most important title to hit the PlayStation 3 this year. Ever since the first CG trailer was released, expectations on the game have been sky-high, both in terms of its quality and its sales. Sony also obviously realizes the importance of the game, if the news of SCEE putting £2 million behind the advertising the game was any indication. With the game releasing in less than a month, I started to ponder: What is success for Killzone 2?

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Fishy Fingers3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

Making gamers happy! Having fun playing a computer game!

Queue, sales statistics ...

dannyhinote_133573d ago's easy to lose sight of what really matters, doesn't it?

cryymoar3573d ago

especially when you're an xbox fan.

chaosatom3573d ago

Delivering Amazing Graphics with Solid addictive gameplay to Ps3 owners around the world.

Kleptic3573d ago

I think one that this guy overlooked was what Killzone 2 can do as an advertisement for PS3 development...plenty of developers and publishers are going to see what the PS3 is capable of, by means of killzone 2, in a totally different way than before...

Most people overlook why killzone 2 was so expensive...the proprietary middleware was built from the ground up during development of this game...killzone 2 is the tech demo of Sony's new middleware...and the EDGE SDK which is nearing completion, contains many tech aspects of this game engine...which is offered for free to licensed PS3 development studios...its not that killzone 2 itself is a $50 million game...its the tech it runs on that is 50 mil, and thats why it looks the way it does (read: nothing comparable on consoles)...

so to me...I think success for killzone 2 can also be in a similar way that Gears of War was for UE3...publishers/developers may turn to this EDGE kit in order to create some truly ridiculous looking titles for the PS3...and with the way Sony has ramped up internal development on a massive scale...with over 5 huge 1st party exclusives on the horizon...all of which are set to raise visual bars even further...its not leaving a lot of room for half-ass'd multiplats...

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boodybandit3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

Me placing the Killzone 2 disc in my PS3 drive on launch day (I took the day off from work) and gaming until my hands ache and eyes water. ;)

PSN = Boodybandit if you want to play online.

cmrbe3573d ago

success would be having a 60 million ad budget so that it will sell at least 3 million on day one.

Weather we enjoy it is totally irrevelant. We gamers will enjoy how well it the game sells instead.

uie4rhig3573d ago

for 360 fanboys: if it has more than 10million sales
for PS3 fanboys: if it has more than 20 (20, not 20 million or w/e) sales
for real gamers: as long as it delivers a stealth game play, good story line, and a multiplayer mode that lasts (aka CoD4)

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SupaPlaya3573d ago

we know that Helghan belongs to the Helghast

INehalemEXI3573d ago

yeah lol, Im suprised I learned to spell those right too.

SupaPlaya3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

If you ask the Critics:
"Killzone 2 is a success when it cures AIDS"

If you ask me:
"Killzon 2 is a success when it matched the 2005 CGI target render"

avsrule3573d ago

Killzone 2 is a success if I like it...

callahan093573d ago

Damn SupaPlaya, you are the third unfortunate victim this week of my ridiculously crappy mouse skills. It's become a near daily occurrence where I have to say "I clicked the wrong button".

In your case, I meant to click agree. Whoops.

SIX3573d ago

This is easy. It has to do for PS3 what Gears did for 360, and that's have people look at the game and know they must own a PS3.

Sitdown3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

or success for Sony? I think success for Killzone would simply be it securing its place in history. Despite sales (good or bad), 5 or 10 years down the road...when we are traveling the history of gaming, somewhere along the lines we will see the mention of Killzone and/or when future fps comes out, for it to be one of the benchmark/measuring sticks used to determine if that future fps is good or not.

SpiderCircle3573d ago

It should easily be one of the best PS3 games ever.

dannyhinote_133573d ago

Topping MGS4 will be tough.

KillzoneKid3573d ago

MGS has niche audience .not everyone like MGS game

KZ2 has a much wider audience and is more anticipated than MGS4

cmrbe3573d ago

MGS4 is the greatest game ever. MGS fanboy here.

callahan093573d ago

I know KZ2 will be a roaring success, but what constitutes "murder"? Because MGS4 is on the way to 5 million sales worldwide, which it most definitely will achieve some day, most likely in the year 2009. Murdering that would have to be ... at least 6 million, but probably more to really call it *murder*.

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