Microsoft on Intel's Anti-Linux: "Please Keep Confidential. This is a Nightmare"

In previous E-mails that reveal Microsoft's fight against Linux at Intel, Bill Gates called it a "Jihad". This is a furious battle that Microsoft secretly had going against Intel's support for Linux. This was so secret that Microsoft executives even abstained from telling their peers about it. "Please keep confidential. this is a nightmare…," wrote Bill Veghte for example. There was great caution there because someone could lose a job over the mischief (leak), which Brian Valentine was eventually allowed to know about.

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Sarick3641d ago

Whow, this is like drama in the interweb.

Someone should make a TV show like the OS version of ER, dealing with the drama from OS makers and the tech industry. OMG, they're slamming, backstabbing and sense of ethics is overwhelming.

Perfect for TV!

rroded3640d ago

lack of ethics that is lol
still anyone surprised? i mean every day more and more of us are turning to linux and with easy to use and well supported distros like ubunto free for the taking...
Just find it surprising that more big companies arnt making the switch its way cheaper more secure easier for IT to work with... and anyone who can use windows can use linux too...

meepmoopmeep3640d ago

wow, are they really this worried about Linux?

meepmoopmeep3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )


i just ingested the entire article and the PDF's
that was a lot to read.

for shame MSFT, for shame
how many anti-trust suits is it going to take?

CyberCam3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

Anyone that didn't realize that this type of behaviour was the M$ norm is a fool. I've dealt with M$ since the late 80's and I know what they are about & how they think! In a nutshell, they want to rule the world of technology, but it seems to be backfiring on them because they have stretched themselves very thin & they are bleeding from all angles.

I kinda had a feeling that something like this would happen sooner or later. Every empire has it's day(s) when it will fall. Egyptian, Romans, English, German, Russian etc..

Now I'm just waiting for the world banking system to have it's time to fail & take a nose dive. It's begining to happen now... with the way the system works, banks/government can only create money outta thin air for so long before it all comes to a head.

Be warned... by watching this video (in it's entirety) you are making a choice to take the red pill & you will be shown how deep the rabbit hole goes. Skipping this video, you choose the blue pill and you can go on about your merry way living your life with blinders on!

meepmoopmeep3640d ago

yeah, i have that on my HDD
awesome video

shine13963640d ago

My biggest problem with it has always been the imbalance of opinion versus fact. In Science, one offers his theories as demonstrable facts, which is then taken to peer review, and that peer review decides whether those theories are demonstratable facts.
This presents itself as superior simply because it offers intelligence and insight. But all facts presented here are just a rehash of information that is already known and in some cases contested. But here there is only a singular point of view.
If you were familiar enough with the theories presented in the tape, then you would realize the subtle forcing through of ideas which are genuinely not credible via peer review.
Of course, there are facts presented; but then there are opinions stressed that are genuinely in the land of conspiracy theories. Yet ideas are not contested or argued, just stated. This is blinding through science. Watch it, but realize that the education here is deeply flawed.

sloth4urluv3640d ago

video has some good points, but alot of it is just plain crap.

Talks about how the monetary system limits technology. Really its quite the opposite most new technology comes from profiteering.

They seem envision a resource based star trek like economy. Truth is why would people want to put all the effort into technological advancement, building new buildings etc... if they dont get paid to work and could go about living their life doing nothing instead?

Its just a load of crap, if you dont motivate someone to do something usefull with their life they arent going to do anything.

CyberCam3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

You can't argue the fact the first part of the video explaining the monetary system, has fact & truth in it (my wife has a very high level position in the largest bank in the world). Monetary system as stated in the video is seriously flawed, and that is FACT!

The key statement was "we have to start changing the way we think as a society... before it's too late". The "resource" driven system suggested, to me, just seems to make a lot more common sense (though is not perfect, as stated in the video), especially considering what the "monetary" system is doing to the people of the world & the environment!

You can debate & question the relevance of the facts, opinions, science theories, whether old or new, all you want... that action doesn't solve any problems. At least this movement is trying to think of solutions to the problems, that's more than siting back & criticizing/nitpicking.

Your/our great grand children will suffer 100 times worst than todays society if something is not done soon.

As for your statement "Really its quite the opposite most new technology comes from profiteering". Tell me how many times has a company or individual has had an idea to better an existing technology, only to be stopped by patents? I for one have experienced this a lot myself so I speak from experience, and not speaking outta my @$$. And that doesn't hinder technology?

As for your statement "Truth is why would people want to put all the effort into technological advancement..." to better their lives & their children's lives as well as doing something, than sitting on your @$$ being bored all day. I'm also willing to bet that without the everyday stresses of life, people would be more inclined to contribute to a better way of life. And, if you think that's impossible, just take a look at the open source software movement as the shining example!

If you're content with the way things are then so be it, but then you have no right to complain if you do nothing about it!

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zootang3640d ago

Come on it's microsoft do you expect anything less. What comes to mind is the simpson's episode with Bill gates getting nasty with homer

Kill Crow3640d ago

a lot of people think M$ is the only company that acts like this ....

They're all businesses, they all want to rule the world, and they all have shareholders who want their dividends paid !!!

RememberThe3573640d ago

It's as if they're addicted to being unethical.

andron3640d ago

And stuff like Enron and that Wall Street big shot who shafted everyone gives a bleak image of American capitalism.

It's funny that many Americans are so skeptic of the government, but they don't seem to mind their big corporations shady ethics...

BrianC62343640d ago

Linux is slowly killing Microsoft. They even blame netbooks for losing money. Most netbooks ran Linux early on. Now most have Windows XP Home on them but Microsoft makes almost nothing for them. I guess they have to give Windows away to keep free Linux down.

Baka-akaB3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

Well , it's no excuse , as they never showed one ounce of ethics from their very start , but they are a bit cornered on every front nowadays, so of course they were right to fear linux .

They made huge investements in videogames , and while it's now working well , they still are far from number one ...
They got their asses handed to them when it comes to mp3 players .
When it comes to mobile phone , yet again apple is a major threat , just like linux and now google with android .

The very same Google keeps making pass at replacing most of their software like office with online rivals . And let's not even forget Open office and firefox .

From the look of it the only thing they got working so far , out of their numerous investments and projects are , well their mouses , the 360 , and windows still ...

If not for their past shaddy and borderline illegal , if not fully illegal tactics , things would have been worse for them . They might not have been on the "decline yet still king" like today , but actually really going down , like IBM in the past .

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