40nm Video Cards In 2009

Computer parts games writes:

"Windows 7 is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2010 and Windows 7 will come with DirectX 11, near the end of this year 2009 we can expect some DirectX 11 hardware's. Nvidia and ATI are said to launch their DirectX 11 graphics cards at the end of this year, these cards will be based on 40nm process technology and in 1st or 2nd quarter of 2010 we can expect some DirectX 11 games too."

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Crueltylizer3641d ago

Its really going fast now with both chips and DirectX releases.

Lets just not hope it gets more expensive.

JsonHenry3641d ago

not sure what you guys are talking about. Just because a new one comes out means you throw your old one out that same day.

My 8800GTS 640meg card plays things just fine.

outlawlife3641d ago

graphics cards used to have a 6-8 month cycle and you could stretch for a year easily back when i was into pc games and now it seems as though your card is obsolete before it is even unboxed

it really is too expensive to keep upgrading which i why im still playing pc games from years past

CrippleH3641d ago

very true.

The jump from 2800 series to 3800 series jumped way to fast.
Even the jump to 4800 series was fast.

TheIneffableBob3641d ago

You don't have to upgrade.

My 8800 GTS for 2 years back still runs the latest games at high settings.

It runs Dawn of War II beautifully maxed out. I get 30 to 60 FPS at 1680x1050.

GIJeff3640d ago

theres no need to be on the latest edge... nvidias 8800's and ati's 4850 or 3870 are still just fine for the time being(unless crysis on max). I myself like to be somewhere above average with 2 4870's and a quad core, but thats completely unnecessary for most.

ps3 is my champion3641d ago

However, just do as best as you can, you know.

richierich3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

Didnt MS say that Vista would support DX11? And there hasnt even been a true DX10 game released and yet they are now talking about DX11 video cards. I dont see any point in upgrading graphics cards every 6 months when there are hardly any PC games to play thanks to internet piracy. I think I will just stick with my 8800GTX for a while there arent any reasons for an upgrade yet.

TheIneffableBob3641d ago

True DX10 game? What's that supposed to mean?

Anyway, Far Cry 2 has the best implementation of DX10 I've seen so far. With DX10 enabled, there's a large performance boost and a slight improvement in image quality, though some shadow filtering looks a little finnicky at a distance.

Kakkoii3640d ago

That is one ignorantly asinine post.

Microsoft said their going to be bringing DX11 to Vista also. But obviously not until Windows 7 is released.

You don't need to upgrade your GPU every 6 months lol. Do you upgrade your console every 6 months? No? That's what I thought. So why should you need to with your GPU? It's just like a console, it performs the same always. The new high end GPU's are mainly for PC enthusiast's who like to have the latest and best, and have the money for it.

There have been many DX10 games out already, and many good PC games over the past years. But you obviously wouldn't know that since your are most likely a flaming console fanboy.

DeadlyFire3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

DirectX 11 will work on any DirectX 10 hardware.

What kinda crap are you throwing around about no PC games? There are plenty of them and PC market is full of healthy online games. Not to mention 2009's upcoming games. << PC Games of 2009. There is alot of them.