MacLife Review: Kivi's Underworld

All the news on TV is bad, the economy stinks, and it seems like it's getting harder and harder to find a low-cost evening of entertainment. Might we suggest some pleasant hack-and-slashery to unwind after a hard day at the office? Kivi's Underworld is a single-player RPG that its developers call casual, but with 30 levels and more than 20 playable characters, there's a lot of game here for your $20-enough to keep you happily slaying monsters, rescuing prisoners, and unraveling the story for days.

The linear plot follows Kivi, a lumen warrior who's trying to defeat the malevolent dark elves, who were unleashed after some kind of mining mishap. Along the way, more characters join the cause, but you don't play with a party as in other RPGs. This is pure hack-and-slash combat: You're controlling one character through each level, trudging through a dungeon killing everything in sight while hunting for the level's ultimate goal (a set of hidden items, a hostage needing rescue, and so on).

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