OXM: We Drove The Warthog

OXM writes:

"I don't have a driver's liscense. That was my first thought when OXM suggested shipping me off to New Zealand to get behind the wheel of a full-size working replica of Halo's Warthog, built by Peter Jackson's Weta Workshop. It's a really big four-wheel-drive monster with a whopping machine gun on top. And there's only one of them roaring around on the face of the planet. 'I don't have a license,' I thought. 'I can't drive an automatic, let alone a manual. This is all going to end badly. Oh god.'"

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Stubacca3544d ago

How overhyped is Halo. Such a mediocre game dressed up as something cool. Fun for teens or anyone who's never played an FPS on the PC.

What a waste of money! Make an Assassin's Creed or Gears Movie instead please!

Eiffel3544d ago

If anything is over hyped Gears takes that position in my eyes, worst TPS I have ever played.

As for Assassins Creed....Its better left as a game honestly.

And no this is not a waste of money, you forget in the movie industry you can wrap a piece sh!t in tinfoil film it for 2 hours and the audience will love it. In turn sh1t movie, for your money.

However. Peter Jackson may be able to pull off a franchise like Halo and make it into a pretty great movie. I was still surprised what he did with King Kong, even making Jack Black play a serious role which to me was a first to my eyes.

So you may get your bang for your buck if this movie does do well.

LeonSKennedy4Life3544d ago

Peter Jackson is full of win!!!

zoydwheeler3544d ago

Would you? Would you really? If you said it to me I would actually want to hit you in the eyes.

It is a stupid, childish way to speak/write. I can only imagine you are ten or younger.

mintaro3544d ago

Of course he wouldn't say that out loud, it'd be like saying lol or lmao out loud. Why would you ask such a dumb question?

zoydwheeler3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Unless you were a child. Or an adult who tragically sufferered from a serious mental deficiency that made you act and speak and write like a child?

Why not attempt to write and speak in such a way as to communicate what you want to write or say to others? Instead of making up embarrassing playground talk with your internet friends?

I'm genuinely intrigued as to why grown adults would want to do this? I actually imagine (hope) you are both 12 or 13 tops. If not, then... maybe try reading some books?

LeonSKennedy4Life3544d ago

Yes, I would say that out loud.

I've never met a person that DIDN'T like Peter Jackson.

I'm in college and almost everyone here and every college I've been to have said the phrase "full of win" out loud.

You're just trying to get me back for the other day. It's ohkay. Keep trying though. You'll get there.

solidsnakus3544d ago

peter jackson sucks, seriously wtf ever happend to the halo game they announced ... 2 years ago?? damn faags.

zoydwheeler3544d ago

What happened the other day? Did I miss an important N4G meeting?

MerkinMax3544d ago

ROFL LMAO FULL OF WIN SAUCE! I would hit you in the eyes just because your acting like someones mommy.

zoydwheeler3544d ago

Someone's Mommy. You see, the apostrophe indicates the possessive.

As in, for example, someone's inability to express themselves clearly. Someone's inability to socialise with others. Someone's inability to stop masturbating over their own misguided sense of superiority over others because they can talk baby leet speak.

And so on. U utter tw8t.

LinuxGuru3544d ago

Zoydwheeler, you're in way over your head. Don't even bother.

PirateThom3544d ago

Internets: Srs biznus, srsly

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Eiffel3544d ago

For those who don't know Weta was responsible for the Audi future cars seen in "I,Robot"


MaximusPrime3544d ago

im impressed with the warthog. If the film is actually happening, it looks like its going to be a great film.

Peter Jackson is a great director. Im not sure how will he fare with science fiction film.

Cajun Chicken3544d ago

Do NOT drive over people, what ever you do, DO NOT be tempted drive over people.

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