IGN: Batman: Arkham Asylum First Look

Arkham itself seems to be a pretty interesting take on the Batman universe. Set on an island, the nuthouse was once the home of a Mr. Arkham, but it eventually got turned into the gigantic facility it is in the game. Once Batman (voiced by Kevin Conroy from Batman the Animated Series) got Joker (voiced by the one and only Mark Hamill) inside Arkham, the clown prince of crime was strapped to a Hannibal Lecter-style dolly and Batman accompanied three guards on their journey to get the villain into the Intensive Treatment section of the prison.

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Crueltylizer3574d ago

It really looks like what every other batman game should have been like. Dark and fun.

Wolf8733574d ago

this game is shaping up to be something worthwhile, although many of its aspects really aren't new, but I'm intrigued about its stealth system though. I think Batman Begins was a better Batman game after Vengeance, I especially liked the interrogation and fear inducing aspect of it, though it could have used some refining but it was fun nonetheless.