What Killzone 2 Does for Sony

How Killzone 2 boosts Sony's position in the gaming market and keeps the console fight alive.

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ape0073575d ago

this game will be mindblowing

chaosatom3575d ago

It delivers a great game for people who support it and shuts up the nay-sayers.

ultimolu3575d ago

...I think I'm gonna pass out when I put the game in my PS3. o_o

lokiroo4203575d ago

K2 + helmet = safe gaming!

jammy_703575d ago

its £29.99 on WOW
thats a bargain!!!!

CrayzeeCarl3575d ago

*~*~ melody plays ~*~*
I put KILLZONE 2 in my PS3 and I...

Someone needs to make a video of this. Like now.

ultimolu3575d ago

I'll keep that in mind! ( b'')b

MasFlowKiller3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

This Games Is a highlight of thing to come from Sony's first party developers.

hopefully Uncharted 2 will take the crown as best looking game on any console once again

silvacrest3574d ago

"It delivers a great game for people who support it and shuts up the nay-sayers"

i agree with your first point.....not so much your second

the haters and psychos are coming out and its not pretty...but its kinda funny

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chaosatom3575d ago

It makes Mart the xbox king convert :)

DADO3575d ago

That is a good one.
Bubbles for you.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3575d ago

...I can't comment, something has come up!!! ;-o


Kleptic3575d ago

uh oh...a neutral site being realistic about how incredible killzone 2 looks compared to 'competing offerings'?...

where is torrence davis now?...he flipped out earlier today about how Sony fans kept saying this...what happens when its posted all over numerous sites and blogs not affiliated with only the PS3?...

cmrbe3575d ago

a showcase of the PS3 capabilities for Sony. It will finally give Sony its true Powerhouse FPS franchise which has been long over due.

chidori6663575d ago

KZ2: system seller period.

Arsenal4Ever3574d ago

Not confirmed yet, but there is a possibility that it will attract X360 owners and hopefully some on the fence PS2 owners.

PirateThom3575d ago

It's silenced many doubters, but winning over reviewers is only part of the battle.

They need to get the sales of a AAA game as well.

dustgavin3574d ago

Just take a glance at any retail gaming site. It is either at #1 or #2 on the list. I have a feeling it will sell just fine.

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The story is too old to be commented.