The Lich King Hero Classes That Might Have Been

In the latest episode of Blizzard's Blizzcast, World of Warcraft lead game designer, Jeffrey Kaplan reveals that the Death Knight was one of three out of twenty-nine hero classes considered for the recent expansion.

The Wrath of the Lich King expansion pack flooded the World of Warcraft serves with Death Knights, but it might not have wound up that way had one of the other two hero classes that made the final cut had been chosen.

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Crueltylizer3546d ago

It was really too bad that they didn't include a couple of more hero classes. I think people could have waited a couple of months before buying the game if that is what it should have taken.

Zhit3546d ago

I'm sure we will see lots more "hero" classes. I know after leveling a DK, I'll never be able to go back and start an alt from level 1 again...

Montrealien3546d ago

You know Zhit, I though the same thing, but I have been leveling an Alt Hunter the last few weeks and I started him from lvl 1 with some of the Bind on account stuff. I had not done that content in over 4 years and I must say, I am having a blast. Especialy with my Epic looking Bow and mail shoulders on a lvl 20 hunter that lvl up with me.

with that said, I want a hero class healer!

Crueltylizer3546d ago

I just hope we will see some new hero class soon. I really think it would be great against the new competition from LOTRO and WAR!