Rumor Killers: Playstation 4 Details, Section 8 Exclusivity and a New Zelda

The week in Rumor Killers:

Have Playstation 4 details been leaked across the Internet?
Section 8 no longer coming to Playstation 3?
A new Zelda game to be announced soon?

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SirLarr3641d ago

It's actually very likely that Sony has started hardware design on the PS4. Hardware takes a long time to design, especially when the hardware you plan to use doesn't even exist yet.

Saying that it's unlikely just because it's four or five years off just isn't a valid reason.

cain1413641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

I'm basing the fact I don't think the rumors about the Ps4 are real on's credability. I've never heard of them...

dannyhinote_133641d ago

It's likely that it started, yes...but any concrete details are very suspect at this point, as they'd be testing out ideas...ideas that will most definitely shift by the time a PS4 actually does come to market.

lokiroo4203641d ago

There is no way testing has even started, many steps to be climbed before testing is even brought up.

Viewtiful3641d ago

There is no doubt the PS4 is in production. It probably has been for a year at least. Sony is a huge company so they have at least had a few people working on researching PS4 possibilities.

They'd be insane not to. I know they're all about the 10 year life cycle, but they still have to plan for the future.

Fatbasket3641d ago

that it's unlikely...I'm all for the so-called '10 year cycle' and would hate to see Sony's support of the PS3 drop off in favor of new hardware any sooner than it has to.

cain1413641d ago

Am I the only one hoping for a new Zelda?

SirLarr3641d ago

God I certainly hope not.

Viewtiful3641d ago

You're not. But you should be. Zelda needs a reboot badly. Twilight Princess was great, but it was so boring and uninspired. It felt like they got bored and just copied Ocarina of Time.

cain1413641d ago


Zelda could us a nice rework, but even an copy cat title is better than no title...

iTZKooPA3641d ago

Since OoT I felt that the handheld titles took over the crown of best Zeldas.

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predator3641d ago

The details are bogus thats y its prob got ratin of killed.the ps4 aswell as xbox 3 wil b on the drawing board

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The story is too old to be commented.