Rock Band 2 DLC for February 3rd

Harmonix has announced their latest batch of downloadable content for Rock Band 2 coming out next week.

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TheMART3574d ago


I want more Queens of the Stone Age!


The Kooks

Lenny Kravitz (older albums)


......... And there are better songs from the Foo Fighters then the ones now available for download!

Pennywise3574d ago

All those bands would be nice. I really cant get into the new DLC songs.

NaiNaiNai3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

yea those would be some nice songs
im still waiting on some
queen *preferably stone cold crazy*
some more Muse
More Soad
some mindless self indulgence would be great. >.> but thats a little to graphic to hope for. XD

*caught the ending.*
yea foo fighters has some decent ones for download, but there are so many others better songs they could add.

i want the Live Radio wattershed remix. XD with the B-52 voice. that would be a awesome download.

Dawn_Of_Ashes3574d ago

Since the begining of the year harmonix only gave us some really crappy song

Vip3r3574d ago

What's this rock band 2 I hear of?

Oh a game that EA has still to release in Europe for the PS3. Guess this might be fun this time next year when we finally get it. :/