'Wii Has Much More Room for Expansion,' says Nintendo

The Wii and the DS have both been selling like hotcakes, especially in the U.S. and Europe, but in Japan there is some concern that the market is already saturated. In fact, slowing Wii sales forced Nintendo to cut its annual Wii forecast for the first time, and the day after this happened Nintendo's stock dropped 12 percent. That said, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, in his recent financial presentation, tried to alleviate investors' fears about Nintendo having already peaked.

"Nintendo's business has grown rapidly in the past three years. Can we maintain the size of the current business in the next fiscal year and beyond? Or, can we even expand the business in the years to come? These may be the questions that concern you most," he noted.

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heroicjanitor3552d ago

I thought you meant they were going to start adding features to it

meepmoopmeep3552d ago

lol, that's what i thought

phosphor1123552d ago

"After you buy our add-ons"

Avoiding the topic of how they will "expand" financially..because I don't care about them anymore to be honest. But they will expand feature wise, with their plethora of nick-nacks and patty-wacks that they sell you.

Product3552d ago

well glad to see Iwata state that he thinks the five year console plan is done and over with and the wii will sell past that.Thing is i wonder if they will bust a sony and make a wii 2 while still selling the wii at a drastically lower price point.

Although im excited and afraid for E3 this year because he says the wii can still expand...and if he means expand the market even further that might mean something special for the casuals but im really hoping for some core titles at E3 and hopefully Punchout and S&P2 comes out before then.

BrotherNick3552d ago

Console sales will be low this year I believe. Too many people are losing jobs, which means less people buying games.

Product3552d ago

Well it was mostly talking about Japan where they say the japanese lose interest easily in games and its hard to keep their attention although i feel most of America is like that aswell.

CrippleH3552d ago

They are just going to pump out more peripherals.
Wii fit to Wii motion plus to ________ to _________.

That's my guess.

ChickeyCantor3552d ago

actually they did say that they were trough all the peripherals, but hey who knows.

TriforceLightning3552d ago

Now that the Wii has won this battle in the console war Nintendo can now focus even more on the software and the 3rd parties will come running due to the installed base and low expense/high profit gain of making a game on the Wii.

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