Killzone 2: Summary of Deals and Midnight Store Openings writes:

"Check out the full run down of current Killzone 2 deals and Midnight store opening information:"

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dino6453551d ago

Madness you say.... this is KILLZONE 2...
Can't wait to get this...

SupaPlaya3551d ago

There's more to Killzone 2 than meets the eye

chaosatom3551d ago

But the Amazon deal look good.

eagle213551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

gamestop and play. The amazon deal is the best. Get the promotion code.

Whoever disagreed is living in denial. It's freakin #1. :)

PixlSheX3551d ago

I pre-ordered at gamestop. it's just i can't wait to play the demo.

Jsynn73551d ago


meepmoopmeep3551d ago

there's a KZ2 hat for only ONE CENT $0.01

weird eh? lol, one cent!

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interrergator3551d ago

they will know gaming belongs to sony

SupaPlaya3551d ago

Dramatic music plays~

That guy had great voice acting... and the character looks like the dark Master in Star Wars.

MegaMohsi3551d ago

now let's hope the sales reflect it.

resistance1003551d ago


Theres a pre-order guide there for people in the UK

silvacrest3551d ago

amazon UK just dropped it to £29.99 with free shipping

i'll be getting it from there soon enough

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The story is too old to be commented.