Q & A with Major League Baseball 2K7 producer Ben Brinkman

Kush Games' very own Ben Brinkman took to the hot seat earlier today for a phone conference interview regarding Major League Baseball 2K7 and his work as producer on the title. Although the questioning came from a number of different directions regarding this year's version, the recurring theme really had to do with improvements made in both the visual and gameplay aspects.

In his opening statement, Ben began by telling the group, "We set out this year to get back to basics and just produce a game that played a really good game of baseball. That covered everything across the boards. Hitting, pitching, throwing, base running. We wanted to fix a lot of the problems that the game had been plagued with in the past as well as add a bunch of nuisance and new details to the game that would make it more 'baseball realistic'."

The following are some of the questions and subsequent answers Ben delivered during the interview.

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