New MadWorld trailer

A new trailer for MadWorld has been released.

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Product3641d ago

Mt favorite part of the trailer was when the commentator says"Forget basketball,baseball,football or any other balls you play with" lol

also"this boy Jake is harder then a bunch of frat boys at at strip club"

From the map though it shows looks to have atleast 6 levels(if you count sections of the city you explore)

Game looks fun.

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PS360WII3641d ago

Looking really good. Yes gamers who don't want to like the Wii or want to keep it known as a casual system will always focus on the Cooking Mamas/Wii Play and never look twice at the Mad World/Fragile/ Arc Rise Fantasia and so on.

Least we know better ;)

TheFreak3641d ago

Loving the trailers I have seen of this game. Hopefully I will love playing the game as well. This is a buy for me no doubt!!