Business Week: Can Outsourcing Save Sony?

Outsourcing isn't a word that executives in Japan like to toss around. Japan Inc. prefers to tie its fortunes to state-of-the-art factories that churn out chips, cars, and flat-screen TVs for the global market. But when Sony (SNE) Chief Executive Howard Stringer announced on Jan. 22 that he was considering drastic cost-cutting steps for the company's core electronics division, outsourcing topped his to-do list.

The shift marks a minor victory for Stringer. After more than three years at the helm, Stringer finally appears to be breaking the company's addiction to manufacturing, and to be channeling ever more resources into developing and designing products that users crave.

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morganfell3552d ago

Can Windows 7 save Microsoft?

DavidMacDougall3552d ago

More to the point Sony don't need saving

Huh3552d ago

can windows vienna also known as windows 7 save microsoft

cryymoar3552d ago

Reminds me of those little damn sausages.

Boty3551d ago

ARE GREAT! Good they are!

I live in Maine though, and we need the extra calories to stay warm! -4 right now! Last week it was -30 F

Huh3552d ago

will the zune outlast microsoft bob this is my question

SupaPlaya3552d ago

And Sony needs to be saved for the 100th time.

ultimolu3552d ago

I understand what the article is saying but that title is just retarded.

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