Gears of War 2 - Execution or Warzone?

It started in Gears of War 1 and it carries on in the sequel.

No, not the fight against the Locust. No, not the continuing Carmine bloodline. Rather, the argument over which is better - Execution or Warzone.

Both game modes are about taking eliminating the other team by killing them. The difference is that in Warzone, you can kill downed players by shooting at them while Execution requires... well, an execution. Hence the name.

While they appear similar, the subtle differences are huge, as they make Warzone a slower-paced, deadlier game while Execution becomes faster and revolves around power weapons for the all-important instant kill. But which mode is better? And which one is truly noob friendly?

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DA_SHREDDER3548d ago

Neither,, just use the game as a cup coaster.

Arsenic133548d ago

Execution is so pointless. So guns dont work at 10ft? Come on, i should be able to kill anyone no matter the distance with a gun.

lord_of_balrogs3547d ago

I hate execution. The game becomes a shotgun whoring game then. The 2 piecing and rolling is plain ridiculous. I mean in an execution game all weapons except the shotgun and boomshot are obsolete. One of my main gripes with the game is the lack of stopping power on the lancer rifle. When I unload half a clip into a person they shouldn't be able to roll away.

borgome3547d ago

Everybody above me sucks balls at Gears, the Lancer ?, that's pathetic, chainsaw is for a man and use the Hammerburst.

Lord Xire3547d ago

Execution > Warzone anyday

I don't play Gears2 tho.

I still play Gears1 because to me it's still better.