David Jaffe Discusses Focus

David Jaffe Discusses his focus or lack thereof regarding things he says in his blog posts, as well as other topics.

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DA_SHREDDER3575d ago

This dude really has gotten lame since he left the God of War dev team. It seems he is trying to become a celebrity dev instead of being a good game developer. He even says his game doesn't look that good. Man, Im getting really irritated with this guy.

outlawlife3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

agreed, i'd like to see the post he took down yesterday, i'm curious of what he said

i only posted this because he finally admits that perhaps his blogs are a bit ill conceived and aren't helping him much

sometimes i enjoy his posts but more often than not hes after attention

Madgunner3575d ago

im sure his game will LOOK that good, whats wrong with being humble and saying yeah the guys at santa monica cant be beaten thats pretty much what he said in regards to how he said "after seeing the GOW3 footage that i saw i dont know how we can compete"

outlawlife3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

i think the problem is jaffe isn't known for being humble so when he says something negative it is usually no good and not being humble

his reputation precedes his words

Madgunner3575d ago

but if we want to talk about reputation than its fair to say that his next game will follow his reputation as well and his previous works well reflect his current works

lokiroo4203575d ago

I think that people want to hear him more than he want people to hear him, but again maybe not, a lot of people do watch and cling to everything he says.

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likedamaster3574d ago

Everyone still wonders what game he's making.