What Does PSN need to be better than Xbox Live? GamesOnSmash Firmware 3.0 want list

It is rumored that Firmware update 3.0 will implement features that will rival Xbox Live. What features could those be?

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HighDefinition3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

That`s it.

PixlSheX3574d ago

Agreed, plus custom avatar. I'm tired of have the face of kratos as avatar.

Blaze9293574d ago

Tired of feeling as if im playing AI computers with randomly generated names.

-Also see what my friends are DOING in the game. Playing Skate 2, ok. Is he online? in a match? career?
-party chat

I cant list everything that Xbox Live does right now even though I use it the most compared to my PSN account. There's surely alot of things though which sometimes gets me when people say PSN is better than Xbox Live. I dunno, dont get it.

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ultimolu3574d ago

That would be cool if Sony implements that.

PixlSheX3574d ago

I think more ppl with mics = chaos.
I don't, really, I DON'T want 10 years old kids yelling in an online match.
"-Also see what my friends are DOING in the game. Playing Skate 2, ok. Is he online? in a match? career? "
LBP can do that. But i mean, do ppl really care if someone is playing carrer or online match?.

Party chat.. agreed.. that would be awesome.

ape0073574d ago

invites and joining from everywhere and deep player status to know what your freind is doing at this moment and therefore decide to join him,send him an invite

xbl has an amazing player status system

for example:it tells you if your freind even at the title screen and even tells you that you freind is gathering members in online,it's a pretty amazing unified dydtem

on psn it just tells you "cod:waw",even you can't call him,sending invites is awekward cause you have to do the in game feature and if your freind start playing you can't join the game in progress

FrankenLife3574d ago

Free beer and a lap dance. There question answered. You can stop all the nonsense blogging now.

GWAVE3574d ago

As far as I'm concerned, it's already superior:

- It's free
- Being free, you can have as many registered online users per PS3 as you want
- The games have dedicated servers. 360 games don't.

You kids can argue. You can compare the number of users. You can claim that an online service is "teh sux!" simply because it doesn't have cross-game chat. But here's the REAL issue: what service offered 32-player and 40-player online lag-free matches when the competition was struggling to pull off 16-player deathmatch (pssst. I'm talking about Resistance and Warhawk)? What service supports 60-player lag-free multiplayer matches, or 8-player co-op matches for that matter (psssst. Resistance 2 is the game I'm referring to)? What service offers the most powerful content generation engine, allowing millions of people worldwide to share content with anyone and, oh, I forgot, also play 4-player co-op without lag (psssst. Little Big Planet is the game I'm referring to)? What service boasts what is being called "the best-looking console game of all time" with 32-player online matches with no lag and gorgeous HD textures that put the competition to shame (psssst. Killzone 2 is what I'm talking about)?

I think the games speak for themselves, and to think people are paying $50 a year and NOT playing those games. Tsk tsk tsk.

Anon19743574d ago

I don't need my friends to know when I've popped in my copy of "Horton hires a Hoe".

And I don't think we need more mics either. I think it's just about right the way it is now. One of the things that turned me off about XBL was the inane chatter in every single game. You want to chat every now and then but having to mute 4-5 people at the start of every single Halo 3 match was a pain. Here's hoping the party chat makes that more bearable for you guys.

I think having to buy your own mic is a bit of an intelligence test. You have to have $25 bucks to start with, have the wherewithal to go down to the store and select a mic. That may require some research into different headsets. You then need to be able to figure out how to set it up.

Right there that seems to have eliminated the bulk of the racist, homophobic 12 year old gamers that ruined XBL for me. Most of them couldn't even put on their shoes to get to the store without drooling all over themselves, slipping in the drool hitting their heads and then yelling how it was all the "insert racial slurs here" fault before forgetting why they were putting on their shoes in the first place.

pwnsause3574d ago

"-Also see what my friends are DOING in the game. Playing Skate 2, ok. Is he online? in a match? career?"

That feature is already available (See LBP and SOCOM). Devs just need to implement it in their games.

Agent VX3574d ago

Sony really needs to do more than the article says if it wants to match the quality of XBL. Right now, the PSN is the ugly red headed little brother nobody cares about.

After reading some the the PS3 fanboys rants, I do agree that with big titles like COD, they should implement dedicated servers, that would be one thing I would like to see improved on XBL.

But Sony really needs to do a lot more work on their service, and I will continue to buy "online" games for the 360 instead of my PS3 until they address the serious problems the PSN has..


Psn is fine where it is right now. Why the hell would I want to talk to you when i'm playing a different game . You have something to ask me , message me . People should realize that majority of the ps3 owners are adults other than chatting on FPS . I don't need to speak to you about anything . I don't even like to talk to friends on the phone sometimes so what does he have to say that so important that when he is playing another game that he has to bother me with the games that i'm playing.I know kids like to do that shlt ... So why do you text people on your phone rather than pick up the phone and call them ?

kevoncox3574d ago

More Demos, Custom advatars, free mics?
PSN is lacking in content. Demos come out like 1nce ever 3 months.

Acarde games are rare releases.
It's just not as refinded.

SaiyanFury3574d ago

Actually not a bad article, although from a personal perspective I'd debate him on a few of his points:

1. More Status options - I don't really care on this one. Either way works for me, although I wouldn't mind the title of whatever I'm doing to show up under my PSN name.

2. MySpace-like PSN Profile - In a word: NO. I don't want to make some comprehensive profile on me. If people want to know something about me they can ask and I can decide whether or not I want them to know.

3. Top Friends List - Again, I don't really care. I don't need others knowing who my top friends are as they most likely don't give a crap.

4. Top 10 Most Played PSN List - Not a bad idea. It's always nice to see what's popular.

5. Youtube for games - 4 simple words: Don't give a crap. I'm not interested in thumping my chest and bragging about how I'm better than everyone else

6. Video messaging - Only handy if you happen to have the PS Eye. And chances are if I'm on my PS3 I'm playing a game and not interested in video conferencing with somebody. If I'm in the XMB, not a bad idea.

7. PSN/ Integration - Good idea. That's a feature I know I'd use.

8. Voice clip sending - Again, not a bad idea. Faster than 'texting'.

9. Custom Soundtracks - This one I go either way. I know some people would love to listen to their own music. On the other hand I love listening to in game music as some of it is truly grand. I'll cite Valkyria Chronicles here for that example.

10. In Game Chat - COULD be a good feature. As long as it's only between you and a friend and not a plethora of mongoloids listening in game.

Sorry for this rather lengthy post, just listing how I either agree or disagree. For me, the PSN is pretty damned decent considering that online gaming is free. Not bad for a company that continues to deliver and improve it's product. Again, for free. And I paid for it over 2 years ago. Good work, Sony keep it up.

king dong3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

are you another nasim account?? i think you could well be!

i think the most important thing to do, would be to stop these blog sites masquerading as web-sites writing articles aimed at n4g continuing this silly console war!

that would be the best thing ever imo.

2 disagrees...feline and another one of his accounts perhaps?

callahan093574d ago

Sorry, FelinePornographer(Photographe r? can't be bothered to look up which one your name is!), but I clicked disagree when I meant to hit agree! Argh! Why can't you change your vote?

Either way, yeah, I agree, I prefer PSN just for the sake that it's free. Until Xbox Live let's all its users play all their games online for free, they'll never have the better service in my opinion. I don't give a damn about the bells & whistles, I just want to play.

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creeping judas3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

cross game chat and party chat.
ability to chat while playing game, right now I have to quit my game or pause it in order to accept a chat invite.
simplify the game invite process, and make it uniform across all games.
allow me to view what my friends are doing on my pc.

I think that's about it??

DeforMAKulizer3574d ago

You can already see what your friends are doing through the PC...
Just go to the Playstation website and log in... Then click on the Buddy List! =D

Trollimite3574d ago

go to cross your psn id and all the info is there.

i think all the psn needs if better users. WE seem to complain alot.

xbox360 users pay 50 dollars extra for in game chat. i dont here them crying half as much as we do!

creeping judas3574d ago

Hey Thanks guys, I see it now.
I guess would be nice to be able to send a message to them too from the PC (stops whining now)

Raoh3574d ago

in my opinion, standardize.

create the code, buy it, hand it out something so that all games have soundtrack, access to friends list etc.. even if they dont add crss game chat etc soon, standardizing what they do have and making sure that developers use it would go a long way.

locos853574d ago

I would like cross game chat. But I think thats the only thing it needs. I already feel it's as good as XBL. Free service and I don't miss a beat with my online gaming.

orakga3574d ago

But apparently (according to friends who are in the dev. scene), the biggest obstacle is the PS3 Operating System itself (the XMB runs on top of this OS). The current OS isn't really designed for cross-application functions, and apparently that's what's making it virtually impossible to implement most things that people are asking for, namely private chat.

I have to admit; Microsoft had a huge advantage just for having the Windows OS know-how.

I'll gladly install a new OS for my PS3 if it gives me private chat. The 360 pulled off an NXE-type OS overhaul. The PS3 should do something similar to that instead of wasting money on gimmicks like HOME.

FunAndGun3574d ago

If the cost for service remains FREE, it is already better than Xbox Live.

$50 a year for cross in-game chat and custom sound tracks, no thanks.

unless I am missing other key features that Live has over PSN?

ezcex3574d ago

actually your paying for just paying for the connection because you can do that on silver