Resistance Gets New Content in April

In a sit down with N'Gai Croal, Phil Harrison talks up Resistance: Fall of Man a bit and mentions that Sony is prepping new content for their shooter and that we can expect to start seeing the new stuff this April.

"We're going to release additional content for Resistance. I don't think we've gone into detail on the schedule, but we have some really, really cool things that will be extending the story, extending the locations, some brand new content, starting in April. So if that works well and is well-received by the audience, then that will keep the engagement with game going between now and should there be a sequel at some point in the future."

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DJ4340d ago

300MB per map (average) + other stuff. It'll probably be split downloads in the area of 1GB each (single-player campaign). Multiplayer maps might be done individually...

techie4340d ago

SIngle-player pleeeeeeease. I like long single-player campaigns. Multiplayer intimidates me.

spacetoilet4340d ago

The online multiplayer is crazy good, especially from a console, but I usually get frustrated and boot the PC up and play q3 for a while. (yes, I'm a mouse and keys snob, and can never go back), but I thoroughly enjoyed the single player campaign.

AppleSlime4340d ago

extending the story should be really cool.

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The story is too old to be commented.