Video games outsell DVDs, Blu-Ray

Which is more popular: video games, or movies?

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user94220773553d ago

"Which is more popular: Killzone 2, or movies?"


Huh3553d ago

ps3 has both videogames and movies so ps3 wins this one

mintaro3552d ago

Because the 360 can't play DVD's

chaosatom3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

People bought 360s to watch dvd movies, just like people buy ps3s to watch blu-rays.

NaiNaiNai3552d ago

yep people spent 199 on the 360, instead of the 19.99 for a dvd player. XD

outlawlife3552d ago

i don't know about you guys but i don't want a 19.99 dvd player...

NaiNaiNai3552d ago

really why not, its sony brand. dvd plAyers are real cheap even for a good name, the only ones that are expensive are the dvd player/burner. or dvd/VHS combo.

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outlawlife3552d ago

in fairness games don't have to sell as much going at 3 times the price of new release dvds and double that of bluray

they have to sell a significant amount less than those to to achieve the same take, but it is noteworthy still since it never happened before last year

likedamaster3552d ago

Main obvious reason: Games are interactive.

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