6.0 (Norway) Review: Killzone 2 via Google Translate: "Killzone was not a particularly great game, and I have not had any major hopes to deuce. It turned out to be the best since the game seems totally divergent with what the rest of the Internet seem to expect of it. Killzone 2 is not only devoid of innovation and creative level design, it is at times surprisingly uinspirert and thus can not serve as so much more than vomfyll for firing spillentusiaster[sic].

I shall not take from the Killzone 2 the fact that, unlike many other games that fall into the same tray, works very good technically and is fun in multiplayer. Ultimately this makes the game's only problem is that there is fraløpt[sic] of time, which means that there are many shooter out there that are better."


An update of this nature is, as far as I know, unprecedented so read carefully:

The source is valid. (one of Norways leading tech and gaming sites)

The submission is not duplicate.

The submission is not spam.

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PirateThom3547d ago

A site that can't afford to pay their network provider?

Yeah, they definitely got a review copy...

Man_of_the_year3547d ago

This won't go over well....

Ghoul3546d ago

can someone explain why this is approved. Im definatly not defending a game or sony nor killzone2.

But its obvious this review is a load of bull.

Genesis53546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

There will be a few more screwballs like that. I won't even give them satisfaction of hitting their link. They are looking for hits even if it is just for hate mail.

PixlSheX3546d ago

Just had to see the halo wars ad 27th feb in a killzone 2 review. Fail.

Megaton3546d ago

Dammit, my purchase was riding on the review. Guess I'll be canceling my pre-order.

fishd3546d ago

The review was written with bitter tears all over his face,pathetic.
"Playstation church".lol

Fat Bastard3546d ago

Wow. Someone's mad they chose to get a 360

San anto3546d ago

Theres always on site that submits a review purely to drag the meta score down, goddamn them.

barom3546d ago

"Til tross for at Guerrilla nå gjennom tre spill har hatt muligheten til å skape et flott univers, har jeg fremdeles til gode å la meg engasjere. I motsetning til for eksempel Halo, blir spillet ganske kaldt og upersonlig. Jeg sliter med å skape noe forhold til de involverte personene, og de fleste mellomsekvensene akkompagneres bare av et aldri så lite gjesp."

Roughly translated:
Even though Guerilla now through three games have had the possibility to create a magnificent universe, it still can't keep me engaged. Unlike Halo, this game becomes quite cold and un-personal (you know what I mean). I have troubles creating a relationship with the characters and most of the in-between sequences is accompanied by a yawn.

I'm pretty confident even Halo fans (or even Bungie) would agree that the story of Halo is not much to be proud of. He also make some comparisons to Gears 2, but I think some genuinely liked Gears story so I'll give him that. Anyway the review goes on to say the AI is too predictable and that experienced players will get bored. Also goes on to mention the online is too unbalanced (comparing the balance to Haze) and says something along the lines of KZ2 being too uninspired and that you shouldn't believe the hype. Thought I just give you guys a rough summary of his complaints and my opinion on his Halo comparison.

IzKyD13313546d ago

The site NEVER mentions a 6/10, report as broken link......and I'm pretty sure they never got a review copy, they just want hits

gambare3546d ago what kind of site is that?

jammy_703546d ago

then a 6....... oh! its hard which one to believe...LOL!!!

LastDance3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

"it is at times surprisingly uinspirert and thus can not serve as so much more than vomfyll for firing spillentusiaster[sic]. "

exactly what i was thinking.

vickers5003546d ago

"Theres always on site that submits a review purely to drag the meta score down, goddamn them."

Oh yeah, it couldn't possibly be because someone has a differing opinion than you. You people that call reviewers stupid when they give a game a different score than you wanted need to shut the f*ck up. It's their opinion, get over it. It's what THEY thought of the game, not you. They didn't like it, fine, but they should not be called stupid when they don't think EXACTLY LIKE YOU!

People are allowed to have different opinions than you, ya know. "Oh, well they gave the game a 6/10, they must be idiots because everyone else has given the game a 9/10 or higher, so they must just be the retarded reviewers of the group, and since reviews matter to me for some reason, I am going to belittle their intelligence because they don't share the same opinion as mine".

By that logic, Halo 3 or GTA4 should be 2 of the best games of all time, and we all know how ridiculous that bs is. You fanboys say, "reviews don't matter" in one breath, then go on to say, "this site is f*cking stupid, because all the other sites have given this game 9's and 10's". So do you realize you are contradicting yourself or are you just hypocrites?

What is your logic?! Do reviews matter, or not? Or do they only matter when they are for your systems flagship/bigname title? Make up your minds guys, I really can't understand you. And if you are being hypocrites, just admit it.

Danja3546d ago

how did this get back on the front page ??

Why dis3546d ago

Trying to censor news are we?

Lord Anubis3546d ago

why in the world did an admin push this one to the top again?

CommonSense3546d ago

without even reading the comments, i'm guessing the following is being said constantly.

A) this site is begging for hits so they lied about their review score so more ppl would come (which makes no sense and follows no logic -- but hey, that's a ps3 fanboy for you)

B) This site is run by 360 fanboys (which also makes no sense because you can't establish credibility by giving favorable scores to one console over another; especially this generation where everyone seems to be a fanboy for one system or the other)

i am glad to see sites that actually give avg scores and highlight the reasons why. it gives me more REAL impressions to determine if i actually wish to purchase this game. Every site licked the ba11s of COD 3 (COD 2.5), 4 (COD 2.6), and 5 (COD 2.7) so i got some of those and they were awful.

Lets see more scores that aren't always 9.0+ it's getting old, it's misleading, and it's dishonest.

and to the fanboys: lets use ACTUAL logic here. if the site wanted more hits from people like you, they'd give the game a 10. cuz everyone knows that the fanboys have already dubbed KZ2 the greatest game of all time despite the fact that the vast majority haven't even experience the beta, and the few that have still don't have a clu what to expect in the final build.

BkaY3546d ago

"your body called.... it want its head back from master chief's azz"

by the way tek.who?

never heard of them in my 20 yrs of gaming...

"it is much closer to middle of Haze than it is Gears of War series, Halo 3 or Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare."

r u kiddin me.... seriously WTF?...

"cover or die".... Gears! ring any bells

bottom line is this mindless dude thinks that this game is same tray with haze.....

give me fukin break...

Why dis3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

He/She didn't put it to the top again, he/she put it back where it was before it was wrongfully reported.

Danja3546d ago

why dont you stop trolling are u planning on buying KZ2 ?? if not why is this of ne importance to you ?

and to address why this was reported , have you ever heard of this site b4 this KZ2 review ?

if you actually read that crap they called a review you could tell they didn't play the game , they can barely speak a sentence without comparing it to Halo or Gears ...they dont really go in depth on ne thing they just pick it apart and thats not saying much..

and on last thing :

Why is it that everytime a big PS3 exclusive game comes around ppl submit these no-one never existed sites ??who gives crappy scores with no real reason to back up there score..

ape0073546d ago

360 fanboys

tears of joy

[email protected]

dumb bastard

freeblue3546d ago

anyone that wants free publicity, and sold out their reviewer's soul just to get some hits on thier sites, should not get any in return.

N4360G3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

LOL crappy review,even crappier site.Just to remind the Xbox fanboys,IGN gave Killzone 2 a 9.4!!

The Lazy One3546d ago

If we reported every site nobody's ever heard of, there would be maybe 3 new articles a day.

Does killzone 2 deserve a 6? no, it deserves well better, but that doesn't mean killzone's the only game it happens to.

Arnon3546d ago

None of you even understand the posting rules of N4G if you're wanting to report this because you don't like it.

Danja3544d ago

and I still stand by word this is a pathetic attempt at a review and it was just submitted for flamebait purposes and to bring down the on N4G..

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Darkseider3547d ago

Stripped of originality and creativity in its' level design? That's rich. Then the other part that makes me chuckle is where he states that there's no bugs and excellent multiplayer but it can't compete with other shooters. Ummm, yeah.

solidjun53547d ago

What made me laugh was the comment towards the Helghast design. "The only thing that annoys me a bit, is how Guerrillas have chosen to structure the enemy image."

Really?!?!?! so, what antagonist/protagonist design appease you? Green helmet, yellow visor (not a knock, I'm just making a point)? Nazi and Japanese soldiers in WWII? They all seem to be the product of the environment whether it's historical or not. Helghast is for Helgans. They are supposed to look like that. This person is grasping for straws.

hardcorehippiez3547d ago

preorder canceled .

as if ...........