The Most Social Brands of 2008

Leading social-media-services provider Vitrue has compiled a list of the top 50 social brands of 2008.

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thetamer3575d ago

I hate these contentious bs pieces. Everyone knows that xbox is way better.


Leord3575d ago

Dangerous talk there. You might lose a bubble from an angry moderator if you keep that up. ;)

On topic:
In the end, sales is what matters, right?

GrieverSoul3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

@1.1 He as right to his opinion... still...

About the article, in which sites does the study applies its list?
Majority US sites? Or International sites?

I bet that if this was made in Japanese web sites it would be a diferent order. But do I know?! o.O
Im just pointing it out that these studies are a reflection of the demographic its based off. It doesnt reflect a worldwide situation.

Where´s NOKIA? O_O Where´s COCA COLA?

Mr_Bun3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Sony is at 9
Microsoft is at 11
and Nintendo is at 13...

Funny how that isn't pointed out

Also, the Wii didn't make the list but XBOX and PlayStation did

Yes the Xbox is leading at 5....congrats...but to make a direct comparison between the company Nintendo versus Playstation instead of Sony, screams fanboy

kazuma3575d ago

yeah it's just stupid, the wii isn't even selling millions! oh wait, it is? O_o

Awesome Possum3575d ago

yeah its pretty silly that the wii isnt even on there

Tempist3575d ago

Here's some food for thought: Why the hell is CNN 2nd? And why is Disney 4th?

I get this feeling that the people in question for this are; yuppies, angsty teens / preteens and suburban moms.

La Chance3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Im quite surprised.I knew the xbox brand has become bigger since the 360 but I didnt think one second it was a head of the Playstation.

Congrats to MSFT who (hate them or love them) have done a tremendous job with the 360.

Last gen in EU (maybe except for the UK) , the xbox was even less popular than the gamecube.Playstation was the synonym of console.Every console was a "playstation" no matter the brand on the console lol.

I think Sonys bad marketing strategy this gen has something to do with it too.

@TEMPEIST above : well , here in France more people watch CNN (tough its an english channel) than the official international french news channel (France 24), just to give you an idea.....And Disney is sacred overhere whether youre 18 or 50 years old so Im not surprised to se them so high in this chart.

eagle213575d ago

Neilsen has ps2 most played in the U.S. Japan or EU doesn't favor MS. If anything, this was compiled by asking halo tweens.

Xbox is a popular brand but not even on the playstation/nintendo level worldwide. Sell 100 million consoles for starters. Nintendo and Sony are close to half a billion sold. :)

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syrinx3575d ago

Not surprising, the PS3 really is playing catch-up. I agree the 360 is better.

tplarkin73575d ago

Fox News has higher ratings than all cable news combined. There is something wrong with that list.

AndyA3575d ago

So on sheer volume of mentions on the internet, the Xbox is winning. It's an odd list for sure.

Muggles3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

I wonder if they take into account that PlayStation is quite (most?) often abbreviated PS. I would hope they include all possible terms when compiling this type of list.

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