Davis Daily 01-29-2009: I Challenge All Playstation Owners

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "* The madness on N4G has to stop
* My challenge to PS3 owners
* Takashi Miike @ NyCC
* My new machine is starting to take form"

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predator3547d ago

haha thats some funny sh!t there..TD i completely agree...thats why i hardly comment on the main site anymore...full of cry babies who want to **** their console up the blu-ray drive

buy a ps33547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

i like the 360 it has some fun games but it's not a true next gen console like the ps3.

gambare3547d ago

why do you complain? the fact is that the PS3 is getting more love every day and that's not a bad thing, many of the sony fans rants the 360 fans because the 360 fans just post to make hate and nothing constructive, if you check there are many PS3 fans that post on 360 topics to say "hey, halo wars looks cool, I'll get it, hey.. Ninja blade looks promising" unlike many MANY of the 360 fans who only post to say "blah blah KZ2 will fail and looks ugly blah blah sony fanboys are dumb blah blah"

check ANY topic and you will see, the sony fans are far more mature but of course they rant 360 fans because the 360 fans provoke that situation.

sonarus3547d ago

Fanboys will be fanboys and write their sh!t. Why anyone would take his/her time to address fanboy comments on N4G is beyond me. More grease to your elbows torrence davis. One day N4G will change the way you want it to be:)

La Chance3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

are the worst.

And yes I prefer the 360 10000 times more than the ps3 but no matter what "side" youre on you have to admit it.... ps3 fans are just the worst.

I dont know if its only on N4G or if they are all pretty much the same over the net but they are simply terrible.

Sony should be happy to have you guys....

1.5 gambare above : yes...of course...its all the 360 fans fault....
What an incredibly stupid post....and the people who actually agreed with comment....very mature way of thinking.Yes I can see now , PS3 diehards like you ar soooo much mature.It just shines like the sun in your post...

rucky3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Go look through the people commenting on Gamespot, Gametrailers, Kotaku and all those pro-360 sites and you will find that they're the exact opposite of N4G.

The problem is that you're a 360 fanboy, therefore you will always view the opposite side as the illogical one. It's the same way I view you're post as dumb and immature.

Tempist3547d ago

His Atari arguement is a strong one. I actually have an Atari Flashback and it is fun to play and see how basic games were back in their infancy.

I think it would be well worth the time for most gamers to take that step back and see where people like Torrence Davis are coming from. Until then, you don't have much of a strong arguement or opinion.

La Chance3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

the PS3 is uninteristing to me to me , I dont really care about it except for MGS4 (yeah even KZ2 doesnt get to me) but that doesnt mean that I ALWAYS see the other side as the illogical one believe it or not.

Im not often on other gaming sites but if what youre saying is true then that means its only the on N4G that they are so incredibly H-A-R-D-C-O-R--E.

Anon19743547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Yeah, the PS3 is just a piece of hardware. We get it. But you have to understand, for the past 3 years fans have been demonized and ridiculed for the simple reason that they have a console preference that wasn't the 360.

Personally, I like games. I own all 3 consoles, when I get home from the office it helps me unwind. I also like to talk about games and issues related to the industry. It's a hobby.

For the past 3 years it didn't matter which forums you posted on, if you didn't bow in the direction of Redmond, Washington once a day in front of your 360 idol you'd be swamped with hate mail, PM's and general forum postings with the most obscure nonsense and personal attacks you could ever see. The PS3 has no games, the PS3 has inferior hardware, the PS3 isn't selling, the PS3 is only a Blu-Ray player, the PS3 causes testicular cancer, the PS3 is too expensive, the PS3 can never match the 360..ever ever ever.

And it went on and on. Now after 2 years on the market it's apparent that the PS3 is a pretty descent system and only the most diehard fanboys could possibly argue otherwise. After 2-3 years of being ridiculed and harassed, Sony fans finally feel a bit vindicated. And some may go a little overboard, but it's still nowhere near the over-the-top 360 obsession that's still rampant across most of the gaming forums out there.

Dude, you want to point the finger at PS3 fans I suggest you look at what 360 fans turned the online gaming community into over the past couple of years. I've had people message me on Gamespot before saying "Way to stand up to those guys. They've been running people off the site for too long. I just couldn't take the hate mails anymore."

It's sad that you still can't debate issues relevant to gamers without 360 fans stumbling in like a drunk uncle to piss all over everyone else.

If you can't deal with that...if you find that just ticks you off too much maybe you should push that ole chair back from the desk, turn away from that ole, bad interweb and find something else to do.

poopface13547d ago

that was hilarious. He was exactly right. This site is full of ps3 fanboys. They all come here to agree with each other because deep down they know that 85% of what they say is massive bull or is their own stupid subjective opinion.

I dont think that anyone anywhere worships a piece of electronics like a PS3 fanboy.

Ryo-Hazuki3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

I see your point....i feel exactly the same as he does, I used to own all 3 systems...but now I just own the ps3. The guy in the video has a good point

But to combat that....fanboys must be challenged in general, lets remember the video game fanboy wars didnt truly begin until microsoft got into the game industry. Xbox fanboys are to blame too

eagle213547d ago

PS3 fans and dual owners have way more reasons to prefer PS3 over a 360.

My question to the haters who don't quite understand why: are you THAT blind?

ultimolu3547d ago

Yeah, you would agree with him because you assume he's on YOUR side. And gambare, I agree with you. I remembered when I stated on a few occasions that Ninja Blade looked good and Star Ocean: Last Hope looked good as well.

But I'm still a Microsoft hater! Woe ish meh!

johnnywit3547d ago

I don't know why he lets it get to him. I think it's funny hearing both sides B!tch and complain. It's the only reason why I come on here. You can tell when someone is a real gamer because they enjoy games and not worship a piece of plastic. He does seem to single out the PS3 crowd. It is very clear that all fanboys/girls are very amusing and sad on both sides. Well I'm going to beat portal again. Later

PixlSheX3547d ago

u know.. i challenge all xbox users to fix the rrod problem in 4 months.
Duuude. who cares about sales?

solidt123547d ago

Torrence is the man. They really understand gaming over at the

actas1233547d ago

Torrace Davis is keeping it cool. Good guy. Thanx for the video

Agent VX3547d ago

I totally agree with this guy. PS3 silly fanboys keep yepping about better graphics and FPS, when my PC completely blows away the PS3. They don't even have a next gen machine now compared to a pimped out PC.

I have both 360 and PS3, and they have fairly equal graphics so far. I will have to wait until Killzone 2 comes out to see if the PS3 surpasses the 360 with top graphics so far. From all the HD video, I would say that 'yes' is looks the best so far on a console, but it is just a marginal improvement over titles like GeOW2, definitely not mind blowing.

But in comparison to my new PC, 360 and PS3 are just old news technology wise. Anyway, I like my 360 and PS3 for different reasons. I like my 360 for online and gaming better, while I like my PS3 for multimedia (Bluray Movies) better.

Either way, my PC thumps your consoles performance wise, while unfortunately my 360/PS3 thumps my PC for more games. Though, I definitely think I will be playing my PC a lot more this year, too many great strategy and RTS games coming out for the PC this year.

I really can't say the same for the consoles, only games I am looking forward this year is COD MW 2, Killzone 2, Forza 3 and Mass Effect 2.

johover1123547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

i see a huge difference in exclusive ps3 games then xbox games but thats not why i'm writing this in the first place.

im writing because i want that fat fu*k to read this, i never heard of him before but he annoys the crap out of me, sitting like a ass around his movie posters, anyway he was talking about how n4g and gametrailers comments annoy him, so why don't he just not visit the sites anymore and stop crying like a little bit*h. this retard did not even finish MGS4 yet LOL Loser, MGS4 is not a long game. this guy is really lame and i hope that he stops talking crap. and if he wants a challenge then i hope he faces me online: joey121889 on PSN.

Consoldtobots3547d ago

did Turd Davis' inner 360 fanboy break loose again? This is why I don't take this two-bit attention hore seriously.

king dong3547d ago

the madness on n4g does need to stop. but the problem is compounded by blog sites pretending to be web-sites writing flame-bait articles especially for n4g.

plus the ultra loyal sony soldier division on n4g could tone it down abit!

nix3547d ago

i completely agree with you... where the fuk was this guy all this time? i was on n4g when PS3 was launching and man... it was so bad. there were so many 360 fan boys jumping around claiming "fail.. fail.." thank god there are more PS3 fan boys here.. and i am happy for some odd reason.

looks like tordavis is right now real pissed that KZ2 has come out that too with good reviews. his arguements in the thread looks lame. DLC>Exclusive. yeah.. whatever MS is doing is right, for him i guess. RROD must be the best thing to happen, i guess.

this is the first time i watched his show and man.. he looks ugly to begin with. lol. worse is he sounds like a cry baby. lol.

tordavis, don't worry major nelson will make you his sergeant someday.

cliffbo3547d ago

perhaps TD should stop whining himself and has`nt he noticed the 360 fans are worse?

johover1123545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

sounds like Davis doesn't know what he is talking about, he said that PS3 only has about 4 or 5 games that go 1080p....wyf is wrong with this guy. i own about 27 PS3 games and almost 13 or 16 of them are 1080p.

and anyway, i could care less if he is building a computer lol why would i want to know that?


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PirateThom3547d ago

Maybe you should stop worrying about people worrying about the PS3?

Just a suggestion?

TheHater3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

I don't think I ever heard this guy call out Xbox 360 fanboy's

sonarus3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

@pirate sentiments EXACTLY. He seems to have personal vendetta about PS3 fanboys. Perhaps a PS1 fanboy molested him when he was young and he swore revenge or something. I am just tired of hearing about fanboy this and fanboy that. Focus on games and leave that crap to the fanboys.

SL1M DADDY3547d ago

You would never hear Tor Davis call out 360 owners because he is a 360 fanboy himself. Yeah he might toss out a tid bit of bait saying how he likes some things Sony does but in the end he too has his nose up MS's arse. One of the best things about the Warzone was how he, a dedicated Xbox fanboy would duke it out with HipHop, who was once thought to be more Sony proned than 360.

One of the issues I have with Tor was when he and the fanboys on his podcast called out the Sony fanboys for running to Metacritic and posting poor scores for some Xbox game and simply negated to say a thing about the Xbox fans doing the exact same thing to some Sony title. it was a perfect issue of tit for tat and all he could do is try and slap the Sony fans on the wrists.

No matter how you see it, all fanboys suck ares, even the ones that claim they are not yet have podcasts proving otherwise.

In all honesty, I am waiting for the Warzone to join the ranks of GamerCast Network, one of the biggest pro MS fanboy podcast conglomerates around.

TheTwelve3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

So, when you see people expressing excitement over their purchase, you call this "madness" and this harms you how?

Is it some kind of personal problem to you, Davis? Do reading these comments cause you some kind of inward pain?

Do you hate people expressing their opinions about things, just as you express your opinion here?

Seriously, you have the choice not to read whatever you want. You act like the comments here are somehow harming the balance of the world. They are only harming you personally, it appears...

...and so you do some kind of videoblog where every other word is f*** and, what, that makes you cool?

I don't understand.

Wait, I do's just that based on my understanding, you're pretty wack and part of the problem you seem to be speaking against, Mr. Davis.

I suppose it's hard for me to accept that someone can be so hypocritical. I mean, at least try to fool us a bit better.


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TheHater3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

And for the record, every time I am on N4G I am on my ps3 or xbox 360 PLAYING games.

And were you serious when you said Sony should buy DLC like MS? Unlike MS, Sony have a lot more first party and second party studios to support. Sony is using their money to support new games instead of DLC. I think many people would prefer a full game rather than DLC.

tordavis3547d ago

It's not a matter of budget. Sony should be able to afford exclusive DLC AND pay for new games. Sony is banking on their exclusives, that's fine, but PS3 owners got shafted out of GTAIV and Fallout DLC simply because Sony doesn't think it's worth it. Well ask all of those PS3 owners that actually WANT the DLC how they feel. Microsoft is cutthroat this generation and Sony needs to go back to when they were cut throat to provide a better gaming experience for PS3 owners. Mirror's Edge is a start...

PirateThom3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Think about how much Microsoft have paid for this content though and at the expense of people who may not care for GTA or Fallout.

It cost less to make Gears of War 2 and Halo 3 than what Microsoft paid for GTAIV DLC.

$50m would have bought a full MGS4.

TheHater3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

I for one don't care for the GTA IV DLC since GTA IV is the worst in the series. GTA IV, HAZE, Too Human and Spore are the only games I regret getting this generation. But I do however am disappointed with the Fallout 3 DLC, but I am not going to complain about it because I made a choose to get the PS3 version over the Xbox 360 version.. I could have gotten this game on my xbox 360, but I got it for the PS3 because I prefer the PS3 controller more than the Xbox 360 controller.

Yes I do agree that MS is cutting throats when it comes to time exclusives and DLC. That is great for xbox 360 owners.
But tell me, what would your prefer? Exclusive DLC or exclusives games?

Rythrine3547d ago

That's great and all, but I still would prefer that Sony use that funding to make new games or IPs rather than buying exclusives or DLC. Sequels can only get you so far and with games high production nowadays, Sony knew that they can't really rely on 3rd party exclusivity so they opted to building a stronger first and second party relationship to go along with their long-term console cycle plan.

Also, you can challenge PS3 owners all you want but you know that it won't sell as much as Halo or Gears unless Sony advertises the hell out of it. I'm buying the game first day, as a matter of fact I got it paid off 2 months ago but I ain't buying two copies because of your challenge. People who visit gaming sites will probably but it but there's a bigger world out there that doesn't so unless it's advertised properly, it won't sell. Take for example my cousin who just got his PS3 last month. He got it because we played Coop in. [email protected] in my system. He totally loved the game and I told him about KZ2. And his response is "What's that?" Now he's getting the game. After he saw the videos I downloaded from PSN and from me, not from Sony. Again, advertisement will make or break this game.

tordavis3547d ago

Exclusives don't mean a damn thing to me. I own both systems. I would take the DLC over exclusives because DLC increases the use of my games. I'm done with Heavenly Sword. I'll probably never play it again. If they released DLC for it, I would dust it off and play it again. And this is one of my favorite PS3 titles. I would have put Fallout 3 away if not for the DLC. Same with GTAIV. It's like getting a new GTA game. DLC is important and a lot of people just don't see it. IF EA used DLC for Madden we would never have to pay $60 for another Madden game.

TheHater3547d ago

No one gives a rat ass if you own both system. The point I am trying to make it is. Sony is creating news games for their users while MS is is buying time exclusives and DLC.
And why would you care if killzone 2 sells 10 copies or 10 million copies. Is that going to stop you from enjoying that game any more?

Aclay3547d ago


If you don't give a damn about exclusives, then that's just you, and Most of the DLC that some developers are releasing should already be included when the game first releases anyways.

Even if the GTA4 DLC was released on the PS3, I wouldn't be buying it because I got tired of that game too quick and it got really repetitive. I played San Andreas for nearly 2 years before putting it down for good. GTA4 was the first GTA game that I played for only a month and never picked it back up. I enjoyed previous GTA games WAY longer WITHOUT DLC.

Microsoft doesn't have NO WHERE as many 1st party studios and because Microsoft doesn't have to fund so many internal studios, they can go out and blow everything on DLC.

With most games being Multiplatform this generation, personally I think that it's going to be EXCLUSIVES that make a system stand out in the long run, NOT DLC.

ultimolu3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

tordavis...hate to disagree but I'd rather have new IP's than DLC. This DLC crap needs to stop on all sides. Unless the game is exclusive, then there is no reason why one side who buys multiplatform games should get DLC and the other side doesn't.

Either include it for both sides or don't include any at all.

ultimolu3547d ago

And another thing I'd like to add.

Why should I pay for DLC if the game isn't exclusive IF I already paid $60.00 for the game?

Shouldn't the game be enough to enjoy?

Pennywise3547d ago

Tordavis, you have lost me along with others with your thoughts on DLC>exclusives.

When you come back to earth from your space journey, let us know how the milky way was.

Sony already has you money for HS, they dont care if you put it back in your drive. DLC would be great, but I want new games. I am sure others feel the same way unless you have a tample set up for your 360... in that case then yeah, DLC is the best thing since dvd's.

butterfinger3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

TorDavis' view of DLC>Exclusives makes absolutely no sense. When one sits down to decide which gaming console they are going to buy, do they say "Well, hey, the 360 has GTAIV DLC" or do they say "Man, the 360 has Gears of War, Halo 3, Mass Effect"? Come on, son, we all understand that you PERSONALLY would like some DLC for your games, but it doesn't really make sense to go out and spend heaps of money on securing that as opposed to new exclusives. Sony wants to sell more units of hardware, and they know they need AAA/genre-defining exclusives in order to do that. The only time DLC really comes into play is when the companies are trying to compete over multiplatform games sales. The truth of the matter, though, is that multiplatform titles with exclusive DLC don't typically sway one to buy one console over the other. We understand that you are a 360 fanboy, but try to see things from all sides at least some of the time.

Also I'd like to add that your comment about exclusives not meaning a "damn thing" to you because you own both systems (like myself), was extremely close-minded. Do you think that the average person can/will buy both systems especially since the PS3 has proven itself to be too expensive to the average consumer (for now) and the economy is in the crapper? Your arrogance and ignorance is unbelievable.

Danja3547d ago

so Tor Davis when N4G was a total 360 sausage fest back in 2007 and early 2008 I didn't see ne of these podcast ??

and you make no sense at all DLC>>>>Exclusives ?? are u f-ing cray man , I would rather Sony not spend a dime on DLC because then devs are gonna start half assing there games even more and hold out on including the best damn level n the game because they might just want you to pay for it in the form of DLC..]

if M$ hadn't started this whole stupid paying for DLC im sure the Fallout 3 DLC would have been available for both systems , games like Heavenly Sword doesn't need DLC , all they need to do is add Trophy support and i'll play it again for like the 5th time.

GTA4 DLC was it worth 50 million ..that could have made 2 360 exclusive for 2009 which they need oh so badly cuz there line-up is gonna suck even more than the 2008 line up did...

Oner3547d ago

It's not about 1080p @ 60 FPS as you say, that is what YOU believe the "argument" is, when it is not. It's about innovation and future planning & foresight to offer innovation and the ability to grow as the years pass. Look at how God of War 2 on PS2 looks compared to a launch title from 2000! THAT shows a pattern of what Sony Playstation consoles have done in EVERY iteration that has been released (PS1, PS2, PSP & PS3 currently). That is the "argument", not some crap about playing 5 1080p PS3 games or not playing any PS2 games because they aren't 1080p. Which I find especially funny how that wasn't even massly available back then so how does that ultimately apply in your "point"? (and don't try and use GT4 or GoW2 being able to use HD at the very end of it's run as that just supports what I said about not being massly available early on, remember for the majority of the PS2's reign even though you could use Component it was only for 480p).

You have your "opinion" about graphics not being a big deal...that is YOUR opinion and thus is not factual or right. Whereas the point of graphics having a definite effect on gameplay is truthful. Not only does it make it more immersive but it also enhances effectiveness. I.E. anyone having played Golden Eye can attest to having died MANY times because the graphics where not favorable in certain environments or how racing around in Gran Turismo 1 you would sometimes clip a corner because of a deficiency in graphics to judge how close to that corner you where. Along your Daily you then went on a rant about how "back in the day" you played this or that with no textures and such...I too have been playing games for over 30 years and remember those times VERY clearly, but you know what invention is the mother of necesity (though I do believe the quote is really said the other way around but whatever) and technology has pushed the boundaries to get where we are today and where we are going. Seriously, come on. I don't want to settle for less when I can have more and the Playstation history has ALWAYS given us that. Not restricted, broken, limited, old technology from previous gens.

Also I didn't (and don't) see you talking "down" to all the 360 owners that where talking all that BS about the 360's graphics being better or how LIVE! is the be all end all of online etc. for the last 2-3 years here on N4G? What about their "energy"? Seems a bit hypocritical of you to NOW call out PS3 owners who are having thier pay back and making people eat crow after all the misinformation and lies that where (and continually) spread! Additionally how could you even say that "PS owners should focus their energy on convincing Sony to buy exclusivity like MS is doing" when they don't need it? MICROSOFT are the ONLY ones who need it! For someone in the "know" you can't obviously believe that BS? Sony has MORE than enough of their own exclusives, and if something is going to be mulitplatform then it doesn't really matter as they will have it also, thus offering more choices anyway for their customers...

Now onto your challenge. It's Brilliant (but to a fault), and I give you that (as I have with other things in the past) but as a realist I have to say it ain't gonna happen (at least not right away for the BIG numbers at least). Halo, Gears, COD and even MGS didn't start out as big as people think or believe and to ask KZ2 to be as "big" as their CURRENT following (Halo 3, Gears 2, COD 4 & MGS4) is not a proper challenge and your only setting up a preface to make yourself "seem" right/correct. I'm sorry TD but that is quite weak, BUT say something like that for Gran Turismo 5 when it comes out...then I would say that is a fair challenge and I would whole heartedly agree if it DIDN'T come up with similar numbers that would be very disappointing.

Look TD, I really don't mean to come off as "attacking" you, but you did put this out there. So I am sure you where expecting a backlash of epic proportions on this one...either way I do understand the "boiling point" effect where it has to be said or let out every now and then because of the amount of BS that might be said on ALL sides.

nix3547d ago

well said, mate. (: and boy he looks ugly. lol. this is the first time i watched it and it obviously is my last too.

boodybandit3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

I rarely ever get caught up in arguments like this on N4G but are you kidding me? DLC and being nickel and dimed to death is one of my biggest gripes this generation. Especially when it's content that you know exist on the disc when you purchased it but you have to pay to unlock it. (Yes SCIV - Vader and Yoda I am looking at you.)

I think I have purchased DLC 2 or 3 times this generation.
I purchased the map pack for Gears of War (1), COD4 and I am not sure if I did it for another game but I might have.

50 million for GTA IV DLC or exclusives or possibly even new IP's?
Tough choice.

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Orange Juice3547d ago

but this rant is a bit too much. Singling out ps3 users as if they are the worst and only fanboys that exist only makes you look like a frustrated xbox fan. I see how it can be frustrating not being able to argue with the rabid ps3 fans, but you dont need to yell and swear at everyone for it. Imagine how you look for a first time viewer of your show like myself. How about you challenge xbox loyalists to accept the fact that the graphics bar is about to be raised by a ps3 exclusive?

tordavis3547d ago

@Orangejuice - "How about you challenge xbox loyalists to accept the fact that the graphics bar is about to be raised by a ps3 exclusive? "

You've proved my point. Thank you.

BTW, I've already stated in my podcasts many times that KZ2 is the best looking FPS to date. Any blind Xbot that listens to my podcast should have already been shut up.

DavidMacDougall3547d ago

Yeah but who can be arsed listening to them?

Diugu3547d ago

I agree with you 100%.

This war thing is finally starting to annoy me, at first I thought it was just funny, now it is getting boring. Specially when some hypocritical obvious fanboy like tordavis rants about being fanboy.

Both sides are terrible... Ill just go back to trying to laugh at some of those things.

Nick2120043547d ago

I expect Killzone 2 to break the games sales record for the PS3. Already over a million preorders.

InMyOpinion3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

"I expect Killzone 2 to break the games sales record for the PS3."

4-5 million copies?

Why not compare it to Halo 3's sales?

The PS3 has a handicap as it has a much larger install base than the 360 had when Halo 3 launched. As many of you stated before the 360 is last gen hardware compared to the PS3. It suffers from RROD and Halo 3 is one of the most overhyped games ever, while Killzone 2 is the best fps to date, correct? So logically it should be no problem.

Danja3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

except that 90% of the ppl who bought there 360 bought it with Halo 3 n mind..

KZ2 isn not an established Franchise well not yet it will be not long from now since it's turning alot fo heads..

but ur comment is just wrong on so many levels..

maybe we should should ask why GT5 will sell more than Forza day since even when GT5 comes out the 360 will still have a bigger install base but GT5 will still sell more than Forza 3.? ...