Street Fighter IV Achievements List

The Street Fighter IV achievement list has been revealed. Street Fighter IV has a total of 47 achievements worth a total of 1000 Gamerpoints.

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Chris843641d ago

I didn't realize this comes out in a few short weeks.

mintaro3641d ago

Sweet, it seems that this game is gonna have quite the online community.

likeaboss3023641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

I hope so and that those who are good take the time to help others learn. I can't wait to get a little Sham Wow action going with Rose.

BigKev453641d ago

If you want to battle:
Xbox - Live: BigKev in CT

See you online!

Stryfeno23641d ago

If you want a challenge, add me. I'm on of the greatest SF player. See your online.

XBL gamercard: Stryfeno1

kharma453641d ago

I'll presume the PS3 trophies will be same as this?

TheMinusFactor3641d ago

These are also the trophies for PS3

kharma453641d ago

What I meant was that the trophies will require the same things done in the game that achievements do, ala other multiplatform games like Bioshock.

TheMinusFactor3640d ago

Yes, hence me saying "THESE are also the trophies for PS3."

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