Heartless Doll: 10 Video Games That Put Women in Their Place

Bonnie Ruberg writes: "Over the years there's been a lot of talk about video games being sexist. I for one often find myself sticking up for gaming. It's not as much of a boy's club as you think! There really are artistic, intelligent games out there! Women can love video games, too!

Of course, every so often you encounter a game that makes it hard to push the gender-equality card. Sure, they can be fun, or silly, or plain fluffy, but it's hard to deny that the following games try to put women in their place -- and that place usually involves designing someone's clothes or cooking someone dinner."

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Elven63547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

It was funny until they mentioned Clusters Revenge.....

Tony P3547d ago

Good list.

I only disagree with Resident Evil 4.

Wasn't the kick-ass Ada Wong in the very same game as the helpless heroine?