Console Sales Fall Sharply in Japan Amid Recession

Japan - Even the red-hot Nintendo isn't immune to the belt-tightening fear of recession. Just weeks after what was is the biggest part of the year, console sales are down across the board to a shocking low.

Compared to this week last year, the Wii is selling barely 42% of its previous total (2008: 26.7k, 2007: 63.5k). However, Sony's PS3 and Microsoft's XBOX 360 are both up several thousand units comparatively...

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vincentvegawchz3552d ago

This is no fanboy post here:

The reason might be for the fall in Nintendo sales, is because EVERYONE that wants one, NOW OWNS ONE.... I mean it eventually will happen, just like the AMZING sales the DS has made, i mean WOW, no way they can keep selling like that, although both the Wii and DS are cool in their own special way, Hardware sales must Slow down eventually RIGHT? i mean, i have never even heard of a Broken Wii.

PantherLotus3552d ago

I know you said 'no fanboi' but I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not? There are no broken Wiis so eventually everybody will own one? wat?