Sony's Got It Right: Backward Compatibility fuss will fade fast

An aricle from states:
"Some hysterical commentators are predicting an "impending firestorm"; a public backlash. The fact is, it won't materialize. Why? Because backwards compatibility is No Big Deal; a lot of noise made by a vocal minority.

It was the right decision for Sony to make, and ought to have been made earlier. Sony will almost certainly do the same with future iterations of the console around the world.

In fact, the company told us it would drop hardware emulation way back in the summer of 2006. In June of last year, a report in Japanese technology magazine Ultra One Monthly stated that the firm would be removing the PS2 chipset from future revisions of the PS3 hardware once it completed development of a software-based emulator."

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TheMART4255d ago

So that's why all Sony fanboys first cried out so loud about the 360 doing software emulation?

That they're proud they had the hardware solution?
And suddenly it isn't important anymore?

Come on. It's one way or the other, not both.
They should have taken the software emulation from the start then, now they're just f*cking things up.

However the story get's twisted, Europe gets less and pays more. Europe just gets the retarded PS3 version. Ah well Japan and USA is selling bad on PS3's, will this make things even worse for Sony in Europe...

PS3 not even 1.5 million units sold world wide
360 almost 11 million units sold world wide

that must hurt Sony

eques judicii4255d ago

but this time I have to agree with you. it does seem that most of the things that sony criticized microsoft for last year when the 360 launched they have gone back on:

multiple skus
$60 (US) games
Backwards comp
impossibility of a worldwide launch (which both nindy and m$ did)

there are somemore... like charging for online service... but we will see whether or not they do that.

I'm very dissapointed in how Sony is handling the PS3... for every piece of good news that they can muster, they do something equally stupid to negate it.

Marty83704254d ago

The point is X360 could't do hardware emulation as Microsoft would have to have added two graphics chipset Nvidia old Xbox and ATI X360. And at first Nvidia would'nt allow this so Microsoft wnt wit ATI. Even the X360 software emulation has it's problems cos Microsoft don't own the hardware rights to Xbox. That is totally different with Sony, as they own the hardware rights too PS1/PS2/PS3 chipsets. Sony has said from the start that they planned on takin out part of the PS2 chipset and using software emulation too cut costs in the future for PS3. Which is what they are about to do.

timmyp534255d ago

i guess he is talking about people like themart and such.

Jay da 2KBalla4255d ago (Edited 4255d ago )

When microsoft said the 360 would only be backwards compatible with the best selling xbox games, ps3 fanboys were having the time of their life saying how microsoft was ripping off xbox customers and how their almight god sony would have full back compat because they owned all the hardware. Now that sony says it wont have full backwards compatibility its ok? Get the f*ck out of here with that bullsh!t.

Now they say that people wont buy the ps3 to play ps2 games but when microsoft said that people wont buy the 360 to play xbox games it was an uproar.

Man people really need to get off sonys d!ck.

DJ4255d ago

Get some tampax and calm down. We don't even know what percentage of PS2 titles are supported with the new software emulation (which really was announced last year). If they can hit at least 80% on day 1, that's really good. Not the most favorable situation since it seems a bit early, but that's the reality. We already know that cost-reduction was the driving factor in this decision.

tomfoolery4254d ago

was supposedly 100% backwards compatible from the get go!
You seem intelligent enough to see through this atrocity!!!!
Then again,...ha ha ...your a playstation disciple.
Let us pray.......for the Europeans,.....
who've been grossly gypped.

wolfgang4255d ago (Edited 4255d ago )

"a lot of noise made by a vocal minority"

And by that he mean the minority of people that are still planning on buying the PS3 in Europa.

Ha ha sorry I had to make that one :)

Sony execs just shut up with the BS, entertain us with your GAMES not your stupidity.

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