Buzz! Brain of the UK announced - screenshots

VG247: Sony has just announced Buzz! Brain of the UK, a new iteration of the rather excellent quiz series featuring over 4000 questions based purely on the United Kingdom.

"It's not just kings and queens, though," says the press release in case you were wondering.

"You'll find questions on diverse aspects of UK life: there'll be questions on bands, cities, sports personalities, television favourites, wildlife, food and more."

Buzz! Brain of the UK is out for PS3, PS2 and PSP in March.

Full press release and screenshots after the break.

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Parapraxis3574d ago

I hope they are doing a North American version as well, maybe even 2 seperate ones, one for Canada and one for the US.

PirateThom3574d ago

Buzz is fun, but I can't help but feeling the PS3 version should be a download of some kind.