Sony Prez: 'Nintendo Should Learn From Us"

"I think Nintendo, although I am very respectful of the innovation in Wii, and I think everybody should be respectful of it, I'm not sure that it has the technology base to propel that platform in the long-term. So I think their platform lifecycle is inherently going to be shorter, so they could have learned from us in terms of the high technology approach," Harrison said.

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InMyOpinion4253d ago

As long as they keep bringing good games for the Wii they're all set. Plus they don't make any manufacturing losses, which means bigger earnings. Something MS and Sony missed out on ;)

MikeGdaGod4253d ago

and they just keep coming. this is getting ridiculous now. sony needs to gag this guy really. whether he makes a point or not, his interviews never come out sounding right. let someone else talk for a while.

Bathyj4252d ago

Yeah even I wish they'd just shut up sometimes. Just about everything he said had a point and he showed respect but its still just fuel for the fire. But even when they just talk about themselve people still find something wrong with it.

I'm still getting PS3. I care more about what they put out then what they say.

TheMART4253d ago

Sony is arrogant again?

Tell me, what's different?

Who is beating Sony's ass in Japan???

Right Nintendo is.
sshhhhh Sony's PR team, just sssshhhh

just read this:

"However, the platform holder will have to rely on a strong performance in the Japanese market, with the research firm foreseeing a close race in Europe and an overall victory for Xbox 360 in the US."

By analysts. Right. Sony needs to have a strong performance in Japan, because it will be a draw in Europe and win for 360 in USA. But what, like now they're not selling in Japan, Wii will outsell them in Japan?

What I said all along:

Japan - Wii
Rest of the world - 360

Shadow Flare4253d ago

Everything they say will come true

That's 1 analyst. I've seen many others say PS3 will win overall in the long run. They all say diiferent things. So who cares what they say. And by the way, you will disagree but i think ps3 may own europe. And i know what you'll say mart, about the delay, the higher cost, the backwards compatibilty. Well if previous playstation sales and ps3 pre-orders are anything to go by, europe will always be sony's most loyal territory

CyberSentinel4253d ago

...and whore your brand name out to another format.

grifter0244253d ago

Funny Cyber probably true... But their Brand name still has some credit.. I personally dont like their brand but it isnt as bad as Monster Cable and BOSE... I personally love this quote"Harrison goes on to imply that the fact you can walk into a store and buy a PS3 right now but you won't find a Wii is due to Sony's superior supply chain, and not a lack of demand." SONY'S SUPERIOR SUPPLY CHAIN.... Let's look at that statment.... if it was a superiour supply chain they would have had enough consoles for their launch lineup .. DID they?? No most people just bought them and sold them on EBAY for more money sooooo SUPERIOR....doesnt that mean it's better then something else???? Dont listem to SONY ..NINTENDO just keep chugging along your dominating both consoles keep it up but please SEGA TEAM make a good SONIC game ok

DJ4253d ago

not 'had'. The fact that you can't find Wiis is actually a bad thing since that means Nintendo's not selling as many as could had those units been on shelves. Microsoft on the other hand put too many units in circulation (which is technically better than nintendo's situation). In my area, it's actually not all that easy to get a PS3. I know a big problem in the beginning was allocating too many units to some locations and not enough to others, but that's what happens with every launch.

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The story is too old to be commented.