Sony: Killzone 2 ad-campaign to launch "mid Feb"

VG247: Sony UK has told videogaming247 that its £2m Killzone 2 ad campaign including the newly announced web-game is to launch "mid Feb."

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Says you3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

That wasn't suppose to be an angry statement if it sounded like one cause of the disagree.

DavidMacDougall3575d ago

I wish they started it at the start of the month

INehalemEXI3575d ago

They should of already started running a teaser on tv. blitz.

Cryos3575d ago

they should start it at the beginning of the month. in fact the superbowl would be a perfect time to debut your new ad campaign

Shoduke3575d ago

WHY do people assume the game will stop being advertised on the day of release? 2 weeks before launch is PLENTY of time, especially considering how rare it is to see a video game get advertised on TV BEFORE it's release. I say if Sony advertises into mid-March, this game will have popularity.

Cryos3574d ago

if you remember, Halo 3 stuff started popping up everywhere about a month before the game release, including Burger King (i believe)
There were mountain dew commercials, and many others.....

THAT is how you build hype.

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Roper3163575d ago

I really feel they should have started Super Bowl Sunday during the most watched tv event/show of the year and then all of Feruary, but what do I know.

Man_of_the_year3575d ago

I agree but at 1 mill for 1/2 a minute i don't think they wanted to spend that much...but i do think that Sony should have been promoting this game at a slow start in january and then start to ramp up the time slots for more exposure the last 2 weeks before the game comes out...

morriss3575d ago

I would have started as early next next week, if it was me. Really penetrate the public's consciousness.

mcgrawgamer3575d ago

they should start Feb 1st or at least when the demo goes live Feb 5th.

molsen813575d ago

I just think the top people in Sony's gaming division don't get it. They are bringing Sony down with their arrogant attitudes assuming everyone will buy their product because it's Sony. Losing exclusives and the lack of advertising should cost some of those guys their jobs.

DNAgent3575d ago

A little too late to advertise it then. Even MGS4 advertising started earlier than that. It seems it will get about the same amount advertising as Resistance 2 did.

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The story is too old to be commented.