Spillmagasinet (Norwegian) - Killzone2 Review

The Norwegian gaming website, Spillmagasinet, rated Killzone 2 6 out of 6.

"Killzone 2 is a masterpiece and something that simply must be experienced. As the film rolled home with me, I want to go to developers in the Netherlands and say thank you, thank you for a fabulous experience."

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Alexious3550d ago

Yeah, a strange score system, but whatever. The review is good, and so is the game.

Re-versed3550d ago

another perfect score!!!

zaz123550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

oh.........I thought it was 6/10....6/6 new scoring system.

GrieverSoul3550d ago


I guess they raised the bar for it! ;)

FreestyleBarnacle3550d ago

Out of 6 isn't new. Haven't you read Time Out?

Atomic3550d ago

the hype level has officially reached the stratosphere, and now leaving the milky way on it's way to alpha centaury.

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lociefer3550d ago

lol who makes gradings out of 6 ? shouldve been 5/5 or 10/10 , but w/e , still an aweosome score

disrupt3r3550d ago

The sites review score is based on dice or something.

San Frandisco3550d ago

6/6? lol thats crazy rating numbers.. 6 being the highest?
of course its still awesome,but super wierd.

once again KILLZOWNED!

Kyur4ThePain3550d ago

KZ2 just received 6 beers out of 6 (a full six pack).

Keowrath3550d ago

agreed, that's a funky scoring method but I like to think Kyur4ThePain has hit the nail on the head. LOL nice one.

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theEnemy3550d ago

Undoubtedly surpasses the hype.

ZackFair3550d ago

Try, for once, to use your microscopic brains and imagine a goddamn dice.

And for the love of God (not that he exists or anything), please stop being such immense score and sales whores.

You don't even give a crap about the actual games at all, as long as garbage websites rate them highly so that you can later use it to defend your console of choice.


The difference between Xbots and Sony Droids is so minimal these days. Sigh.

thor3550d ago

Killzone 2 just got a 6/6 ZOMG!!!
Killzone 2 is going to BREAK SALES RECORDS!! MARK MY WORDS!!

REPLOID243550d ago

Keep your blasphemy out of this game site. You didn't come from nothing. Think hard about it. Now go along and be a good boy. Just game, be happy, and get Killzoned!

BrianC62343550d ago

Are you saying that site rolls dice to figure out their scores? I think the only reason 6 seems strange is everyone else uses 5 or 10 or 100. Maybe this has something to do with the metric system?

Are_The_MaDNess3550d ago

what r u smoking?
its a dice and no they dont roll it
its just a easy way to say 100 of 100

ZackFair3550d ago

I was wondering when the fugly retards would appear, and here you are!

Please, disappear from sight. Your IQ is extraordinarily low.

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The story is too old to be commented.