Killzone 2 Set for Japan

Just as Killzone 2 begins to see its first reviews around the world, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan shared final release plans for the game in Japan, along with first Japanese language screens.

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Hiruma Youchi3552d ago

Japanese accent: GETSU LEADY FOR KILLU ZONE TSUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:) get at me and tell me Im wrong bout that?

Bathyj3552d ago

Why does that make me think of the Chairman in Iron Chef?

maruchan27six3552d ago

Should be more like
Gettsu redi- foa ki-ruzo-nu tsuu
ゲッツ レディー フォア キールゾーヌ ツー

perseus3552d ago

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

PlayStation3603552d ago

when I was chatting with some of my buddies from Japan on the PSN (during R2). They never heard of Killzone 2 0_0. I'm not playing. Of course I sent them pics of KZ2 and told them about it. They're psyched about it now, but it tripped me out. Really shows how important Advertisement is.

resistance1003552d ago

You also have to consider the first one wasn't released over there and FPS's tend not to fare well over there.

Still advertising is very important.

perseus3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

I don't want to knock your friend or anything, but every PS3 site in the country is salivating at the thought of Killzone 2. Sure, in the past Japan hasn't been really a great place for FPSs, but COD4 did all right, and so did the PC Battlefield series.

Anyway, casuals probably don't know a lot about it, but (I have no idea because I'm not there) I'm guessing that casuals in North America and Europe probably don't know about Killzone 2 either.

Gamers in Japan know this game is coming. And they all want it. I mean, LOOK at it. Even RPG nerds are going to want this game.

EDIT: Ah, quick edit. If your friends are foreigners living here, then I totally understand why they didn't know about it. There aren't any ads, anywhere. Even hardcore gamers won't know about it if they don't speak Japanese.

I should have said that "Japanese gamers" know its coming.

sinncross3551d ago

That's not entirely true, the first Killzone was released in japan, published by SEGA if I recall.

Now what is strange is that Killzone Liberation has not seen a release there.
It's top down, has multi player functionality and a blast to play. I don't see why they don't release it after Killzone 2.

Could help get more attention on Killzone 2 a few months down the line, or good killzone 2 sales could see good sales for the PSP version.

chidori6663552d ago


FinalomegaS3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

50~90k sales in JP first day i see.

militant073552d ago

excuse me, did you say day one 45~90k ??

that is impossible, only good JRPG sell like that.

any FPS could never sell that unless that is the sale for WHOLE YEAR.

FinalomegaS3551d ago

true that, but I was being VERY OPTIMISTIC!

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The story is too old to be commented.