OXCGN lists 125 Games For The 360 in '09

OXCGN Writes:

"So what we have here is a "relatively" short list of games - (125 games), ideally heading to the Xbox 360 during 2009.

While many factions (read fanbois) say there are very little games coming out on the 360 this year, and that it's doomed because there's "no games" - we're here to set the record straight and show you what games are heading our way in 2009."

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Godem3547d ago

thats waaaay to many games... hopefully ill only buy 10 this year.. but I bet ill end up somehow with a lot more :(

XboxOZ3603546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

To be honest, I also think it's way too many games, on any platform. There's basically no way each game can get it's fair due with the gamers, and so are shuffled along for the next one, and the next one.

Some require a decent amount of time to really appreciate, but sadly, many gamers do not give the games enough time, and take them back for the next, and the next.

This makes it exceptionally hard for both the publisher and developer, especially when they start thinking about new IP's and innovations within a game. If a game only sees 2 weeks worth of shelf time and play time, if that, then are they justified in spending 20-30 mil $US on a single game, not incl PR and advertising etc.

Makes you wonder doesn't it.

GWAVE3546d ago

And yet, out of those 125 games how many are worth playing, let alone buying?

Quality > Quantity.

InMyOpinion3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

I doubt you would question it if the list was for PS3 games. Even if half of the games are garbage you still have 64 titles to choose from.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3546d ago

^^^ your "quality" = one game in 2009, have fun playing that one game...:)

stephen20053546d ago

^I think there will be more than 1 good game coming out this year.......

spandexxking3546d ago

that list includes max payne 3 o_0 surely its not gonna be ready in 2009?

SCThor3546d ago

with no console to play them ;)

XboxOZ3603546d ago

Well mate, guess what, you're saying the same thing about the PS 3 games, as a huge number of those games are also on the PS3 . . do think before putting mouth into gear, it'll stop you from sticking your foot in there instead.

Games are games, just because you do not like some, or only want to play on one cosole, does not mean others might like other games, and even have more than one console, for whatever reasons.

Stop being so silly about it, and simply accept that games are here for us ALL to enjoy, and embrace gaming, rather than being a fanboi . . . Gamers do not care what console a game comes out on, or the number, or the type. SO long as it delivers a decent amount of F U N then that's all that matters in the end.

Tempist3546d ago

Half the games should not be on the list as they have provisional dates or are still to be decided. We're all aware how dates for releases can be changed in an eye blink (Remember Killzone 2....)

So to be fair this growing list of 128 games is probably closer to a list of 40-60 games.

PixlSheX3546d ago

How many multiplatforms games are in that list?
I can make a list of PS3 GAMES an put 115 multiplatform titles plus exclusives too. (bc that's what i see in that list)

callahan093546d ago

A lot of these games will suck, a lot of these games are multiplatform, a lot of these games won't come out in 2009. This is a pretty pointless list really.

GWAVE3546d ago

Oh Jenzo. You're so silly. Putting words in my mouth? I call crap when I see it, regardless of what platform it's on. Where did I once mention the PS3, Wii, PC, or any other platform? I didn't. You show your true fanboy colors when you turn every negative comment into some kind of flame war. You and I both know that out of those 125 games:

- most of them are multiplatform
- some of them don't even have an announced street date
- many of the come from B-rate and C-rate developers

"Even if half of those titles are garbage, you still have 64 to choose from". Hah. See, there you go again, showing your ignorance. Any gamer knows that out of a list like that, we're lucky to get 10 truly spectacular titles. Another 20 or 30 out of that list will be B-rate and C-rate games. Heck, last year each console only had roughly 10 to 15 high-quality titles (if you include multiplatform games), so I'd say that's pretty generous.

N4360G3546d ago

LOL most if not all the games listed are multi-platform and will be available on the PS3 also,sad.

Anon19743546d ago

But let's be perfectly clear, having a system preference doesn't make you a fanboy and I'm just as critical of Sony fanboys as well. The difference is, the pro-Sony posters around these parts usually have a point to make. You may not agree with it but more often then not they have a valid point. If a pro-360 poster has a point, I've got no problem with that. What I had seen for over two years was the unrelenting bullying of pro-Sony and pro-Nintendo posters by the 360 crowd and I think this does a disservice to the gaming community.
I have to admit, big exclusives to me are exclusives I want to play. In 2007 it was all about the 360 for me and it hasn't been since. That's just me, and that's just my opinion. I'm sure lots of people view games like Forza 3 and Star Ocean "big exclusives", but for me they were games like Bioshock, Halo3, Mass Effect, Dead Rising, Gears, Fable, etc. I don't see anything of that caliber, in my opinion, due in 2009. Just Alan Wake, which I can't wait for.

At any rate, I just found it ironic that the 360 crowd is saying 125 games in a year is plenty for the 360, but equals "no games" when it happens to the PS3.

Why dis3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

PS3 fans should be more worried about what games MSFT has not mentioned at all. lol

Prey 2
1 vs. 100 Live
Blue Dragon 2
Chrome 2
Project Offset(IGN still has this on their updated list)

among other games missing from that list.

Blademask3546d ago

Its like you're hyping Lee Travino's golf part 9. Yeah, have fun figuring out why none of those have any sort of press.

But wait, yeah. MS doesn't release 200 games until e3... my bad. Guess.. just kinda.. wait around. I guess? woo..hoo.

king dong3546d ago

"pro-sony posters usually have a point" lol. yeah i see their point when they are swarming all over every 360 thread condemning everything and anything, whilst showing the sony love with massive essays at any opportunity.

thanks for clearly showing where you sit with things.

-----> open zone is that way. i suggest you join your friends in there.

gaffyh3545d ago

Ok I know this sounds completely fanboyish, but most of the games on this list have not been announced, have TBA release dates (so most likely coming 2010) or are really really crap games. Which is why the only ones worth mentioning are the exclusives and a few high profile multi-plats e.g. Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter 4 etc. Not any pile of crap game coming out for the system.

If anyone can't see that they are blind fanboys.

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darkmurder3547d ago

That's what I call a mother trucking list! Tonnes of games for 360!

Anon19743546d ago

This isn't directed at you, darkmurder, but I've just got to point this out.

Remember when the 360 diehard's mantra was "PS3 has no games, PS3 has no games!" In that first year the PS3 was out, some 130-140 games were released for it by the end of 2007. 360 fans wouldn't let it go. The PS3 had no games, that was all there was to it. Now the PS3 has been adding new games at about 150 a year, pretty much the same as the 360. And here we have an article outlining the titles for the 360 and 360 fans are patting themselves on the backs for a job well done.

If you ever, ever used "PS3 has no games" argument in the past you need to give your head a shake.

At any rate, it's not the number of games in the 360 lineup that people are complaining about, it's the number of big exclusives that we have to look forward to. As a 360 owner myself, I'm looking forward to Alan Wake. Last year there was Gears 2 and Fable 2. Makes me miss the good ole days of 07.

king dong3546d ago

i dont know, this ridiculous fanboy war has turned nerds into frontline soldiers for their respective platform. i see you condemning the 360 fanboys, and say that they are giving themselves a pat on the back. but then you fail to be critical towards the ps3 fanboys...which far outweigh the 360 lot in numbers and zeal on n4g. who are doing more than back patting on nearly every thread. plus plenty of bubble raping, and gang attacks on anyone who slights anything sony.

this talk of "NO BIG EXCLUSIVES" is purely the invention of the sony lot on here, in another desperate attempt to downplay the 360. whilst in every thread regarding games, 360 or ps3, you see the same sony fans slating anything and everything 360, and coming up with lists of "AAAAAAAAA exclusivez in 09z foz the pstriplezz" of which some are not confirmed, or are new with no proof of quality, yet are automatically the bezt because they are sony exclusive.

and in your own words "big exclusive" what qualifys as a "big exclusive"?? because all i see are two worthwhile exclusives for the ps3 this year. being kz2(which could easily become game of the year from what i've read and saw so far, and it's not even been released!) and gt5, all these others that many n4g members use in every thread dont seem great at-all....heavy rain springs immediately to mind. this game needs the hype to be stopped straight away! thats got flop written all over it.

anyway darkride, just a quick look at your post history clearly points out what side of the fence you sit on. and another good indicator on n4g is the bubble tally...over 7 bubbles, and it's quite obvious what agenda that particular member has!

felidae3546d ago

my problem with the PS3 are the multiplatform games and maybe the price. if multiplatform titles would perform equally on both, the 360 and the PS3, i would probably buy one.

i will rent a PS3 from a local movie blockbuster store for 3€/day to play KZ2 - i really can't wait!

Immortal Kaim3547d ago

Huge listing.... I thought the 360 had no games?

pav23233546d ago

I think the saying goes 'turn about is fair play'. A year ago it was 360 fans spouting "the PS3 has no games" When in reality, guess what.... it did, and some great ones. And now when Microsoft only has a couple exclusives "announced", and some DLC, Sony fans found a perfect time to strike back. Everyone complains about the Sony fans on N4G but all I am seeing is them fighting back, you surely don't expect someone not to smack you back do you?

On another note, The 4 games in my radar right now is: Killzone 2, Alan Wake, Heavy Rain, and Sacred 2.

I know Sacred 2 might be a weird choice but I have been waiting for a game like this on a console (hopefully it is good) the co-op looks great.

creeping judas3546d ago

Sacred 2 and you should also add Witcher in there. Both seem to be hardcore RPG's
Cant wait for either one.

gaminoz3546d ago

Having heaps of games is a good thing as people have different tastes. Having a million modern war shooters or Japanese RPG games would be no good, but there is a genuine diversity in the list.

And that goes for the PS3 this year too. I just hope that the smaller studios can still make their games and that they are good. Not just all the sequels and licenced games that is predicted due to the economy.

N4360G3546d ago

It has multi-platform games.

blackpanther253546d ago

games none the less, but i see what you are saying. PS3 fans mean not a lot of exclusive games. I think people just read the no games and thought they meant games in general.

The only thing i find stupid about that list is APB i mean that crap is still in alpha. As a Hardcore MMO player, mmos that are still in alpha now will probably come out like next year feb. I mean every mmo that i have beta tested stays in beta for a good 6 months or more. I tested LOTRS, Hellgate London, Warhammer, and im still in the stargate mmo beta

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XboxOZ3603547d ago

It's actually now 128 games, I just found a few more confirmed games for 2009.

militant073546d ago

but there is many games on the list hasn't been announced and could never be ready to be released in 2009.

Max Payne 3
Saints Row 3

Diugu3546d ago

There are many games that wont be out this year. Also many multiplatform... besides, who needs a list? Anyone with half a brain knows that there will be many great games for the 360 this year.

Hiruma Youchi3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Bikini Zombie Slayers is 2years old now. Even tho the game seemed fun Please dont bring it out states side cause it will be kind of played out and that will make the Fanboys Hate on the game.

They got Them Boxes messed up! Ninja Blades got the Chick from X-blade on it WTE(what the Eff)?


Mini ninjas , monsters vs aliens , Bolt , Hail To The Chimp I AINT TRYNA SEE THEM WEAK ASS TITLES UP IN THAT LIST!!!!!


too much Lame multi-plats , they should have only listed the hard ones like SF4 and RE5 etc etc.


get at me and tell me Im wrong with what i said! Wussup?

darkmurder3547d ago

For one person doing the list its very hard to keep track of what's there, pretty good for one person IMO.

XboxOZ3603547d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

we're not here to qualify what is, or is not a good game, simply list games ..Do you see IGN, Gamestop, Joystiq NOT listing a game simply because it's "lame" . .no.

Every developer and publisher is allowed their time in the sun, irrespective of whether you like the game - or not. Some games have NOT been released across the board, and have been listed for release here, if you read the article info before the list.

SO unless YOU have a few months to dedicated to finding every game possible, keeping up with every mention of a game, then please do not quible if there's game you don't personally like . .

Okay. If you don't like the list, do one yourself.

and FYI, here's some info on the Bikini Slayers 360 game due in February -