Crackdown scores high review in Japan

Riot act, as Crackdown is called in Japan, scored three nines and one eight. With that the game achived a total score of 35/40 points, which is very good.

Also Armored Core 4 and Call or Duty 3 received good scores from Famitsu, both scored 32/40 points. The total scores of the three games are as follows:

Riot act [ Crackdown ] (Xbox 360, Microsoft): 9/9/8/9 - (35/40)
Armored Core 4 (Xbox 360, From software): 8/8/8/8 - (32/40)
Call or Duty 3 (Xbox 360, Activision): 8/8/9/7 - (32/40)

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FordGTGuy4253d ago

I'm glad your not a game developer then.

weekapaugh4253d ago

They really need to "crackdown" on releasing games this lame.

joemutt4252d ago

Doesnt sound lame to me.

Funky Town_TX4253d ago

The Japanese will not buy.

Covenant4253d ago

or maybe not. The Japanese did go nuts over GTA: San Andreas, and Gears has been a solid seller in a country not usually known for buying shooter games, so maybe Crackdown will find an audience. Maybe.

Personally, I'm impressed with the game. No, it doesn't reinvent gaming as we know it, and it recycles some very conventional gameplay elements, but it's fun and has a sense of humor, and the open-sandbox environment allows for some entertaining diversions. (7.5/10, if anyone cares)

Bad_Karma4253d ago

This game will not be one i`m adding to my 360 collection . It SuX harder than a dyson vacume cleaner .

gogators4253d ago

Would be great if people could at least give a reason. I am at hour 45-50 with this game and I would have to say the reviews have been generally accurate, if not a little low. It does have a learning curve, but what game doesn't. Sometimes when sighting, it's pick targets improperly. The game can be tough when your level is low, especially when the gang members send in hit squads. Very addicting game.

wolfgang4253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

"So why does this game suck? Would be great if people could at least give a reason"

When someone only say "This game sucks", its probably because...

+ This game sucks because I'm too poor to buy it.

+ This game sucks because because I'm a little kid and that jerk from gamestop won't sell it to me.

+ This game sucks because I have no hands so I cannot hold the controller.

+ This game sucks because I bought a Wii and its an Xbox 360 exclusive.

+ This game sucks because I bought a ps3 and its an Xbox 360 exclusive.

+ This game sucks because I bought an Xbox 360 but I accidently dropped it in a bucket full of maple syrup and now it won't play game anymore.

+ This game sucks because I suck at it.

+ This game sucks because I heard TheMART had fun with it and DJ told me to never agree with theMART or he will come to my house and wreck my hello kitty porcelains.

+ This game sucks because I though you guys were talking about Bomberman Act zero.

+ This game sucks because I once had sex with an angry black cop and this game main character kind of remind of him so it fell arkward.

And sometimes the game just really suck, but if the case, you have to justify why.

Btw Crackdown doesn't suck.

Drew4253d ago

You are the best person ever.

Also, this game is awesome. I can't put it down. It haunts me when I sleep. ._.

gogators4250d ago

Crackdown isn't perfect, but it's still a very very good game. I have begun to touch the Co-op fun this game offers.

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The story is too old to be commented.