Final Fantasy VII : ACC isn't a just "Déjà Vu" but more

FF VII ACC new trailer released, like that was said in the last Shonen Jump and V-Jump Magazine, is completely Amazing !
So, it will be release the next 16th of April on Blu-Ray format with an new OAV and Final Fantasy XIII Demo only for PlayStation 3 system.

And for tommorow, do will have something for the 12th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII, because is generous at this time !

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Chris3993573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

Horse +


Next up:

FF: The Musical
FF: On Ice
FF: Dinner and Theater Tournament
FFVII: Before, before Crisis
FFVII: DS Remake
FFVII: Cooking with Tifa!
FFVII: Brain Age by Dr. Cid

I probably missed about another 3 dozen projects in that list.

Edit: Good point, moscardini7. Add "FF: Halo Chronicles" to the list. There is really no end to the whoring out of this franchise.

GrieverSoul3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

FFVII: Pets for DS
You give Cat Sit and Red XIII food and nurture them. Also you breed GFs sons. Bahmifrit and Shihamut to name a few...

FFVII: Racing
Motorcycling speed races with death defying jumps.

FFVII: Tifa´s Edge
Parkour with Tifa while she fights Summmons at incredible height.

... o.O

Hiruma Youchi3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

was there any halo game that came out in 08? nah I dont think so. In 08 there was all those Chocobos game on DS wii and psp ! Crisis core on PSP , FF12 on NDS , FF4 on NDS!

Halo for 09: theres osdt , wars , chronicles
thats 3games

for FF just for 09 theres

Agito PSP
Behamut DS
FF 4 on XBL
the other weird one on XBL
FF VII AC Complete (movie)
FF 13
FF 13 versus
FF Crystal Chronicles bearers (Wii)
FF crystal Chronicles bearers (NDS)
FF dissdia

thats already 10 ! I bet theres 5more we dont even know about !

why'd you have to name Halo anyways eh? Why you aint name Sonic? or Mario? cause you're a sony F**!

Marceles3573d ago

best part is 2:37, now that brings back some good memories

Da One3573d ago

That Zack scene is from FF:CC come on SE don't do that, other than that looks good they added so much more, but you know getting FFXIII out the door would be better

blackpanther253573d ago

I think im gonna pre-order this now and get it imported to me.

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