Revamped NFS Series Launches This Year

Eurogamer: "Electronic Arts has told Eurogamer that it plans to reinvent the Need for Speed series by launching separate core, casual and 'Play 4 Free' games this year.

Need for Speed: Shift will launch on PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and PSP this autumn - as will Need for Speed: Nitro on Wii and DS. Need for Speed: World Online will be released to the Asian online PC market this summer, before heading West in the winter."

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InMyOpinion3575d ago

"Shift focuses on simulation racing - not just the realistic movement of cars, but also driver behaviour. This, EA marketing boss Keith Munro told Eurogamer, is what will set the game apart. Also, less baggy jeans and hip-hop."

Sounds like a step in the right direction. I will focus my attention on this instead of Race Pro, which in my opinion looks pretty dull.

creeping judas3575d ago

As much as I enjoy reading your post and your fight for the 360 (i bubble you up when ever I can). This is one post where I will have to disagree with you. RACEpro may look a little dull, but I belive it's what's inside that matter more. But then again, if you're not a fan of sim racers then of course RACEpro wont be up you alley.

I've been let down too many times since Most Wanted with this franchise that I don't think I will ever try another one NFS game ever again.

DavidMacDougall3575d ago

NFS is dead. Just like the past NFS game you will look forward to it then when it is released it will be broken and unplayable.

The only true driving sim is GT5. After the prologue i can't wait!!

creeping judas3575d ago

well I woudn't expect you to have a broader horizon then what's coming out on the PS3. So your comment really isn't all that shocking.

joydestroy3575d ago


i don't even think about renting a NFS game anymore.

jib3575d ago

have to disagree as well, no offense. racepro does look like as-s which is why it won't appeal to the masses but its supposed to. the game cater to the hard core sim crowd. im a minority here but im gonna give race pro a shot. been fiending for another sim aside from forza 2

InMyOpinion3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Even if I think it looks dull I will still give it a try.

@DavidMacDougall - It's a whole other team making this game. Nothing is the same except that NFS is in the title. GT5 Prologue didn't even have damage physics or any proper customization that can be compared to that of modern racing games like Forza 2, and you are calling it the only true driving sim lol!

Man_of_the_year3575d ago

I agree Jenzo. The GT series have not brought anything new to the game other than prettier looking models. They really need to bring in more customization and tuning with parts - before and after market parts. And damage is a must or else it is still not a sim.

Damage on a car is a major impact on how the car handles and physic's while driving eg. broken axel may cause your car to pull to a certain side while driving - or blowing your tranny if you rev too long in the red.

Anyone who thinks that the GT series is a more "complete" sim over games like Forza are absolutely incorrect.

Danja3575d ago

I think ...wait..I now that GT is a better sim game over Forza...

it has been stated that the reason they haven't included damage was because they needed permission from all the car pubs...but the physics in Forza 2 was utter crap not even close to being realistic.

ne ways , I thought they said Criterion was gonna be working on the next NFS games..had my hopes up that we would finally get a sequel to Hot Pursuit..:(..

InMyOpinion3575d ago

"it has been stated that the reason they haven't included damage was because they needed permission from all the car pubs...but the physics in Forza 2 was utter crap not even close to being realistic."

I don't care about their excuses. I just want the best racing game. If Forza 2 could get damage included why can't GT? And what do you know about being realistic?

Except for better graphics GT haven't changed much since the Playstation days. Have fun swapping spoilers and rims(that's about all you can customize in GT), and enjoy the bumper car races. Last gen gameplay at it's best.

Danja3575d ago

how many licensed cars are in Forza compared to GT...some manufacturers just dont want to see there cars being damaged I guess either wayit's been stated that GT5 will have damage.

and the irony of you talking about last gen gameplay...just so happens the best selling 360 exclusives wreaks of last gen gameplay and looks like a last gen game also.

How about the 360 hardware how last gen is that also..

Man_of_the_year3572d ago

Your Argument absolutly was terrible. Forza2 has around 500 cars and each has damage - including Lambo, porche, audi, Ferrari, Bentley...and many more big name car companies. GT5 is using last gen game mechanics except for graphics.

You lost this argument. Accept it.

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Kouzmich3575d ago

Another NFS game after 1 year. They just need to chill for 2 year get they're thoughts together and make a GOOD game.
Last NFS I enjoyed was Hot pursuit and first CD that was thrown in to a wall, first time and only time, was NFS Undercover.

Keowrath3575d ago

One of my best friends works for Slightly Mad studios and they're a real petrol head. Got a very good eye for GOOD racing games from playing many titles accross all formats. They also have a lot of track days throughout the year. The company are very focused, the attention to detail should be second to none. From all that I've heard I think this could well be the first NFS game (for a LONG while) that's going to be pretty special.

First screen looks very nice.

(of course I might be slightly biased =) )

PirateThom3575d ago

Didn't EA say they were putting the franchise on hold for a while?

Keowrath3575d ago

They might have done but this is a definite

vincentvegawchz3575d ago

I had always been a MASSIVE NFS fan, always loved every game, until the last 2, since then, I have been in a huge state of dissapointment with the series. I have retired my fanboism from NFS franchise, and probably will never touch another racing game, do you know why this is? Because i own BURNOUT PARADISE.... LoL @ NFS. nothing can touch or compare to the amazing quality or fun that Burnout P. has. Nothing will for a long time, Need for speed burnt out their franchise trying something new just didnt go well for them.. I think the same has gone for Tony Hawk, which is sad to say, because i love my tony hawk games. I will not be picking this title up at all, next Racing game i get is the next Burnout, which will probably be in 2011, or just continue to purchase DLC for the current version, also GT5 is pretty High on my list, but that is a different kind of racing game. IMO

Jdoki3575d ago

Agree, agree, agree! :)

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