Is World of Warcraft A Religion?

According to Dutch university graduate Theo Zijderveld, WoW could be considered a religion as it meets the four dimensions required to constitute one by French sociologist Danil Hervieu-Lger's: Community, ethics, culture and emotion.

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AndyA3552d ago

It certainly seems to inspire similar levels of devotion in some its followers.

Leord3552d ago

Lol, yes, indeed so =)

Especially Hordies ;)

Tempist3552d ago

I'll be more concerned when Blizzard applys for Church Tax Break status and gets it. That aside, they do have the numbers to be a religion.

PrimordialSoupBase3552d ago

For most of the severely demented N4G users, Sony is a religion. So yes, if a company can serve that purpose, so can a game.

jadenkorri3552d ago

then you could argue the same for mircosoft is a religion there are more 360 fanboys on this site than their are ps3, look at all the negative/antt ps3 articles, they get approved like hotcakes, while news, and/or anything positive about the ps3 is spammed and removed...right more ps3 fanboys...either way both are annoying...

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Leord3552d ago

Well, I am really afraid to say anything here. People seem to be morbidly religious on N4G (yes, I am still upset of losing a bubble on that Islamic RTS game news comment, it was an honest question!).

Basically, I think WoW has as much right to be a religion as any set of beliefs. One thing I think it lacks atm is the fact that it's only been around for a short while. Come back after a generation or so!

Also, obviously, lots of people in WoW already subscribe to other religions simultaneously...

Maticus3552d ago

I'm certainly devoted :) Where do I sign up?

thetamer3552d ago


You are all infidels.

Islam is the light.
Christianity is the saviour.
Judaism is the school.

Go chew on that you racists.

Parapraxis3552d ago

lol, religion, it always makes me laugh.

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The story is too old to be commented.