Co-Op patch for Killzone 2? "No plans," says Sony

Sony has moved to quash various speculation and internet rumour about co-operative play for Killzone 2 being patched in at a later date.

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Nastycrew3552d ago

I can care less if theres no COOP, doesnt make the game better, really, its just little more fun but thats it. Man, ill be on Multiplayer all the time, how cares about coop?

kwicksandz3552d ago

i dont need co op or cross game invites/voice chat!

You tell em n4g. Sony needs to get the message.

freeblue3552d ago

I know the PR job is to deny and not to confirm any future plans so the competitors won't have an advantage.. but do they actually read any gaming news??

ThanatosDMC3552d ago

I guess, that's kinda of good since i would have probably bought two copies and i wouldnt be able to eat properly for a week.

jaysquared3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

LOL! If the PS3 is actually able to do cross game invites/cross game private chat/ 8 player private chat/ coop in KZ2 you guys wouldn't be saying that! I bet you guys love having to type up your messages with the PS3s software keyboard instead of just being able to just send a voice message huh?

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redsquad3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

I don't mind co-op (online, NOT splitscreen!) in itself, but if it was slapped on to KZ2 to the detriment of the overall (apparently brilliant) single & multiplayer package then I'd prefer it wasn't there.

morriss3552d ago

Agreed. Co-op is a great added extra. Although it shouldn't be at the cost of the single player campaign.

thor3552d ago

I don't want to play co-op.

But if I did, I could go and play Resistance 2. Or another co-op game. It doesn't need to be a part of KZ2. 99% of games DON'T have single-player, co-op and multiplayer all at once, and very few have those all 3 of those modes awesome.

Co-op has always been debunked. There's not going to be any co-op. Think about it from their perspective - what would they gain from adding co-op? They've made the game, lots of the reviews have come in, and they're planning a big marketing push and they'll sell loads of copies of the game. By investing another load of money into a co-op mode, they won't make any money out of it, unless they charge, in which case there would be uproar.

It's all very well everybody shouting for co-op - but what if they just bodged co-op in as a patch very quickly and it was buggy, basic and not fun? It wouldn't even be played, and people would soon forget about it. They'd have to have had a seperate team working on it, just like the MP and SP, which would have multiplied their production costs by 1.5. It wouldn't have been worth it.

moodymofo3552d ago

a coop psn download could be a smart move for sony and gurilla if they dont wait to long i mean ive paid 10 bucks for map packs and i would defenatly spend the same for a coop mode if it was done right with matchmacking and rankings and im sure about at least 75% of the people who have the game and are online with it would do the same

thor3552d ago

But can you see my other point?

OK so people might be willing to pay money for a co-op addon.

BUT that doesn't stop the fact that there would have to be a huge amount of effort put into co-op.

Co-op is NOT easy to do. There are so many things that would need to be changed. So there really are only two options:

1) GG spend 6 months developing a co-op mode that can stand up to the quality of the SP and MP.
-Will anyone care by this point? Will people go out and buy it? Will there be anyone playing the co-op online? Most importantly for GG, will they get their money back? Likely, no is the answer. Furthermore, they're probably thinking about their next game at the moment. It would be considerably held back by allowing most of their workforce to work on a co-op mode.

2) GG spend a couple of months developing a simple co-op mode.
-It won't be of the same quality as the other modes. It will feel tacked-on. It won't have levelling up or other incentives to play. It will be glitchy. There will be inconsistencies with plot and you'll be just like the random dude who joins you in R1. The mechanics will not be thought through; reviving will likely be criticised. There will be freezes, framerate hitches and many bugs because of the added player(s). It may only support 2 players. It might have a very basic online lobby, where you can only start a particular level from the start. You won't be able to join in mid-game, or leave mid-game. There won't be voice chat. There won't be text chat. There won't be an indicator telling you where the other player is. It would most likely be awful and not even fun.

Countless things need to be considered. It would need to go through extensive testing. IT MIGHT NOT BE THAT GOOD! It's really not worth doing, if you look at it from their perspective. Otherwise, it's at least 6 months away, and I don't think they want to waste that much time and money. They could easily make a couple of DLC map packs and release them to make about the same amount of money as a co-op pack. Adding co-op to the game wouldn't increase sales by any noticable amount. It's just not worth doing.

retrofly3552d ago

Who cares its got 32 player co-op, COD 4 didnt have it and I've never even bothered with COD [email protected] co-op.

Imo its better to have it a few months earlier than waiting till summer so they can tag on co-op that no one really cares about.

Is it me or are journalists trying really hard to find everything BAD with KZ2 despite the insignificance, its like they want it to fail?

KZ2 is helping push the boundarys for gaming especially on consoles, this is only ever a good thing!

Frood3552d ago

It's the reason i'm not getting KZ2. I'm 30 and only got into consoles at 27-28 and co-op is the most important factor when it comes to games for me unless its a RPG like Mass Effect (yes i have both Xbox and PS3).

crck3552d ago

Split screen co-op adds a lot of value to a game for me. I'm the type that only plays through a game once no matter how good it is or how much I like it. Unless a friend drops by then I'll play it with them. As is KZ2 is a rental for me.

LeShin3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago ) you missed out on COD4, Half-Life, Bioshock, Uncharted, MGS4 and probably a lot more I can't be bothered to put down. Damn, I really feel sorry for you guys. Looking at my games collection now, if I only bought games which were split screen/ co-op I wouldn't have many good titles to warrant a console purchase.

crck3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

No I rented all those other games except for Bioshock and finished them all. So I didn't miss out on anything. I just don't have a bunch of games on my shelf that I'm never going to touch again. There's a big difference between the two. 95% of those games do nothing but go down in value so why hold them.

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