PSP UMD's to get Mem stick install has news on a new feature showing up on certain psp games. It seems that certain PSP umd will be getting PRO DUO installs, just like HDD installs on the PS3

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sinncross3546d ago

Not exactly new, I am sure Dissidia Final Fantasy does this.

user8586213546d ago

i guess there makin sure people know its official

dredgewalker3546d ago

So did monster hunter and i dont really mind cause it cuts load times.

meepmoopmeep3546d ago


Dissidia gives you an option of


i chose the latter
loads are way better

Blaze9293546d ago

As long as they dont become mandatory im fine. Dissidia leaves it as an option...and it should stay like that.

tman6923546d ago

same with dj max games that let u do a data install of about 350 mb. but i don't need since its an iso file anyway and it loads real fast.

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TheMART3546d ago

Sony needs to step up and make the PSP more interesting soonish. Piracy is too high. On DS also with R4DS cards, but still the DS is crappy hardware compared to the PSP and still we don't see that power used so often.

Few games like God of War: Chains of Olympus, Final Fantasy, inventive games like Loco Roco 1 and/or 2 and the upcoming Resistance show what the PSP is like. THere should be a lot more Sony.

Bring a new Killzone for the PSP, get the GT version ASAP, get the PSP keyboard out quickly, you might want to consider a Guitar Hero game with special PSP hardware addon (OR a converter for the real GH guitar) out also. Those kind of games are needed to get extra attention for the system!

I bought the GPS package and its working great, but its getting less gaming device every step...

Huluvu3546d ago

Monsterhunter 2nd G already has this feature.

Kassanova073546d ago

Dissidia does this already like 1st said. I do not mind, just release epicness and add trophies.

phosphor1123546d ago

It would have been really iffy. Extra cards were pretty pricey.

Now on the other hand, you can find 8 gigs on those suckers. Also, think of the battery life it would save.

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