Thunderbolt Games Review Saints Row 2

Mike Ackerman, Thunderbolt Games: "With Saints Row 2, however, Volition have stepped out of GTA's shadow to deliver a game that is worlds apart from the adventures of Niko Bellic. That's not to say it's better, heck no. Just…different. Let's put it this way, which is a better film; Michael Mann's Heat, a modern crime classic, or Under Siege, a film about an ex-Navy Seal caterer. Exactly.

But sometimes you don't want to sit and watch a film with any sort of sub-text. You don't want to appreciate fine acting and tight, stylish direction. You just want to watch things blow up.

This rather simplistic analogy adequately sums up the differences between GTA IV and SR2. The city of Stillwater is packed full of big, dumb fun."

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