The Good and Bad of Collector's Editions

Majiesto from PS3 Attitude writes: "Ranging close to 1.5x the price of the game itself, are these so called Collector's Editions worth collecting though? We take a look at both the usual and unique items in Collector's Editions and whether they are deemed fit to be worthy of their name…"

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thereapersson3552d ago

Back when they were harder to find outside of Japan. Now it seems that nearly every big-name game that is coming out lately has some sort of "collector's package" along with the original release. It really kind of dilutes the whole mystique of it all...

PirateThom3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

I've only ever bought one Collector's Edition and it was Metal Gear Solid 4 for EU.

It was truly collector's edition in every sense.

With every other collector's edition I could go into a store now and pick it up, because they're never really limited in anyway, this one was limited to a set number for all of Europe (250,000 wasn't it?) and is pretty much impossible to buy due to its limited run.

That, to me, is collector's edition. Not a steel case, not a making of DVD, a very limited number with these extras goodies for Collectors.

Tony P3552d ago

I like when a game comes with an official soundtrack (not 'limited edition' aka 'gimped').