35+ minutes footage of Halo Wars Demo

Youtube user "NextGenReport" just uploaded over 35 minutes of footage from the Halo Wars Demo. The Halo Wars demo isn't available until February 5th, but Microsoft are handing out codes that allows for early download.

The videos showcase the campaign and tutorial parts of the demo.

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Why dis3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Epic for a console game in this genre.

Clean, fun, simple and pretty.

We need a Halo game with the feel of Section 8 next, with the visuals of Splinter Cell.

Maybe Perter Jackson's halo later on in 2009?

Anyways the drama, story telling, presentation, music, sound and the mood of Halo wars is classic and heart felt.

Cain't wait Weeeeee eeeehh(GRUNTS)

LightningPS3PS33550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Halo is such a mainstream name, I wonder if some people will pick this up just by looking at the cover thinking it's another Halo, it's "Halo Wars" yeah... a shooter and then they get home and are like WTF??? This game blows... and they put it down and never play it again.

Halochampian3550d ago

lightning... are you implying that halo fans are stupid?

Why dis3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

XBL is too informative for Xbox gamers to be ignorant of whats going on(have you seen XBL?).

Sure the universe will help sales its Halo but gamers shouldn't take away from what the devs tried to do. Just because some people don't like Halo for one reason or another doesn't mean this won't be a fun RTS.

That reasoning seems to be like saying: because FF comes out with a Action RPG it is only going to sell because of its name(it simply could be a great action game).

Lighting and Meep are cool PS3 fans despite their struggle with fairness.

LightningPS3PS33550d ago

I'm just implying there's some crazy people out there.

sonarus3550d ago

I find RTS games too slow and too boring to play. Talk less of to watch and for 35mins:o

disrupt3r3550d ago

Stupid enough not being able to spell 'champion'.

Dark_Vendetta3549d ago

I already played the demo (won a code), and I'm surprised. Never really got into RTS games but that one was really fun. The only thing that could turn out bad (couldn't judge from the demo) is the tactic. You can only build a few buildings around the base, and it's too easy too get any resources. But at the end I played only 2 missions so there is probably many to come. Going to preorder it soon if there's a special. Otherwise I'll get it cheap from my usual retailer

Microsoft Xbox 3603549d ago

"lightning... are you implying that halo fans are stupid?"

Oh...... the irony....

Halochampian3549d ago

looks like someone doesn't understand the concept of irony.

People need to lay off the name. I've had the name for over 8 years, I knew it was incorrect at the time and I still know it. It's a signature of mine and will always be mine. If you have a problem with it, please send a nice message crying about how stupid Halo fans are.

JsonHenry3549d ago

So... I LOVE RTS games. Just not on consoles. But I think I might get this now that I have watched it in action.

Microsoft Xbox 3603549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Champion is a very basic word in the English dictionary. I could spell that word in 1st grade.

gametheory3549d ago

I mean anyone that finds Halo appealing is because they don't know anything else. I know some dipsh1t who is one of my best friends (oh the irony I know) and he buys Xbox because of "FIFA" (multiplatform) and "Halo" (but only to play online, and he sucks). Also, the only other FPS he played before Halo was Golden Eye, and that's it.

That's your average/typical Halo fan. He's awesome and a good friend of mine but he fails at gaming.

Shepherd 2143549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

oh man, its awesome to think of how great it would be to get a PS3 fanboy into a match with a really good Halo player. There would be nothing left for the Halo dude to stomp after a couple minutes. the amount of strategy that goes into Halo is something a ps3 troll cant even imagine. The only people who run and gun in Halo are the ones that dont know what they are doing. Halo seems so simple on the outside and for the experienced, its so much more.

Someone above said those who play Halo do not know anything else....well, ive put decent time into oblivion, fallout, mass effect, COD4, gears 1 and 2, deadspace, Rainbow six vegas 1 and 2, GRAW 1 and 2, command and conquer 3: tiberium wars, Counterstrike, Farcry instincts and Farcry 2, skate, GTA 4, Battlefield 2 for pc, Crysis, older games like Knights of the old republic 1 and 2, Goldeneye, star wars battlefront 1 and 2, Doom 3, i could go on and on and on. Whats the point of listing all these games? The point is to tell you all these great games that ive played much, and yet i still hold the Halo series as one of the highest overall games. They are great, theres nothing more to say

ThanatosDMC3549d ago

"All Units" <-- that'll be nerve wrecking. Some people will dream that in their sleep.

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Hiruma Youchi3550d ago

Im nor really into halo and RTS but this might be cool for the people who like this genre.

Why dis3550d ago

Yep I get bored with this genre but I'm going to get this because it looks fun and not tedious.

gambare3550d ago

I thought you will get it because it say "halo" on the box. just change the name and put another kind of generic characters in the game and I bet your "fun" game is not fun anymore.

Why dis3550d ago

Awe yes the average PS3 fanboy reasoning. I get rid of every Halo game after I beat the story.

gambare3550d ago

you do? wow.. I kept halo 3 for the multiplayer and you miss the best of it? then you don't enjoy any game, you rant every PS3 game and you ditch every 360 game after beating it?

cherrypie3549d ago

Except that the game was done by the makers of Age of Empires (Ensemble) and has been designed from the ground-up for Consoles.

And, the art-production is awesome. Xbox LIVE gaming in a RTS? Yes please, thank-you very much.

blackpanther253549d ago

im really into RTS and this game looks insanely good. I think im gonna have to pre-order this.

cryymoar3549d ago

is best left to Blizzard Entertainment.

Starcraft and Warcraft FTW!
I bet Blizzard is laughing at this nonsense of an RTS, i'd rather play Starcraft on the N64. I actually have the game also ;D

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TheColbertinator3550d ago

I liked how the cutscenes looked.Very nice facial modeling

TheMART3550d ago

This looks very very good, I think the first real succesfull RTS on a console with the controls made specifically for a console controller

Max Power3550d ago

with warcraft on the ps1, i thought the controls worked well, in fact its nearly identical to this game.

CBaoth3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

I guess you never played AvP:Extinction then Mart? It's an Xbox1 title that's BC w/ a 360. I recommend it and you'll find Ensemble lifted the exact control scheme/gameplay for Halo Wars. Don't get me wrong, that's a GOOD thing. But not original.

EDIT: OMG that's right Max, I forgot about that one too.

BTW, Mart did you get that Sammy or the LG? (Hopefully you took my advice).

Why dis3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Looks like I'm being attacked. hahahahahaha

I guess with any possible threat series you get this from the other side.

@#5, now we're talking ;)

3549d ago