Meristation - Killzone 2: In-Game Footage

Meristation have posted a brand new gameplay video of Killzone 2.


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xg-ei8ht3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

360 GUYS:

You've got to admit you want the game.

Just go buy the best console ever made. And you can play it too.

Don't live in denial.

GrieverSoul3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Not as harsh as u are but im sure single console owners should be either proud or eager to get his hands on this game!

Capt CHAOS3549d ago

No vehicles?? And people were calling it a Halo 3 killer. I don't think so. Besides, It's going to take alot more than KZ2 to drag me away from TF2 (Orange box dudes).

Frankly, for a 4 year development effort, I'd be expecting alot more, this game is heading to be on par to MSG4 in terms of game reviews and maybe .2 higher (check

Foxgod3549d ago

No, you cant make me.

PirateThom3549d ago

Does it need vehicles?

Am I the only one who finds that vehicle sections just slow down the gameplay and the controls are usually attrocious?

Sheddi3549d ago

Does including vehicles to a game automatically make it good to u? In that case i feel sorry for u because there are PLENTY of games without vehicles to drive.
Maybe this game didnt meant to have vehicles, genius.

"Besides, It's going to take alot more than KZ2 to drag me away from TF2 (Orange box dudes)."
And this sounds like ur trying to convince ur self something.

OT: Don't want to watch the video, I want to build up my own expectations.

Foxgod3549d ago


I can see that you never played Halo3, its a fine example of how vehicle controls should be done.

spandexxking3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

the singlepalyer includes vehicle sections. plus only noobs use vehicles in halo.
plus i wonder how the spanish voice acting compares to the english version?

Sitdown3549d ago

Before you read this comment you might want to sit down first...okay you ready? You might not know this....but there are people who do not want to play this game........and you might find this to be a stretch *gasp* but there are actually people who could care less for fps. Yes, I know...its a hard pill to swallow that there are people who are different than you and don't share your passion for the same things...but right outside your door, there is a world full of people with different views and opinions. Some even half different sex organs, come in different do I know you ask? Neo showed me....he gave me this pill, and it opened my world.

Anyhow...I will be getting this game...cause I enjoy shooters....and am I the only one frustrated, that one of the few titles I want to have a collector's edition..there is none available for the US. I was so hoping for a collector's bundle that included the official ps3 headset.

ThanatosDMC3549d ago

Wow, why's the player playing on the easiest mode? The Helghans were missing him so much and also he took a whole barrage of bullets and didnt seem fazed by it.

I guess, good for the casuals? I like brutal AI like back in FEAR1... unlike FEAR2 demo. FEAR1 demo actually killed you...

Rofflecopter3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

i agree that halos vehicle controls are good, but KZ2 does have vehicles. and ign said they wished they lasted longer.. just fyi.

JAKESPLACE_3549d ago

first who says it doesnt have vehicles, well it does, u dont use em for long i guess but it does have em, yea wateva no coop, COD4 has no coop and it turned out ok,

BUT the advantages it does have and no other shooter got are its immense warlike feel, weight of the numerous guns, more articulate destructibility, online involvement with their websites and community services, Highly sophisticated class system (really chk out the chart online) and finally, cmon even the haters gotta give it up for its freaking graphics menn, NO OTHER CONSOLE GAME MATCHES IT PERIOD!

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King_many_layers3549d ago

I don't care who you are, fan of either console or maybe even a PC gamer gamer, but you have to admit that the building being destroyed, although pretty much fixed to happen in a certain way, is very impressive to watch. All those collisions and no glitches, fantastic.

Capt CHAOS3549d ago

But the talk about from Sony fanboy kids assuming that it's universal appear and a must for everyone is just sooo unfounded.

If and when I get a PS3, I'm sure I'll look this game up.

AllroundGamer3549d ago

lol the spanish language was hilarious in the video :D Rapido!!!! :D will probably try to switch languages just for the fun :)

Sheddi3549d ago

hahaha thats what i do when i play fifa09 :P its so much more fun to hear Spanish commentary than Swedish (im from swe) or English.

Rhythmattic3549d ago

@ 9 Seconds in, the guy jumping over the rail,its been shown before ,but non believers denied it was in game. Now here's your proof. Proofters.